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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


People no longer have to be functionally literate to understand the politics of bluff, thanks mainly to two factors: the information revolution and economic factors. The combined impact of the two has completely changed our world and the way we look at it. The dark era of Flambeau-kerosene lamps is now behind us. It has now been replaced by era lit by electricity – an era that has brought about major changes our technological orientation and economic reality.

Month-end blues
“Month-end” is a welcomed part of the “economic cycle”. It may bring money to our pockets; but it also brings economic headaches to most of us because it is the time for the payment of our utility bills brought on by the “era of electricity”; and it’s not just the payment of utility bills. There are also the kids to send to school; the elderly to care for; the loan(s) to repay; and possibly the medical and insurance bills to pay. Most importantly, it is also the time to save a little for a rainy day in case of an emergency such as illness or death. 

The better yardstick
All of us feel the hardships to some degree in our pockets; and with the spiraling cost of fuel, the economic challenges have become even more insurmountable. But here comes the politician to our homes, on the TV and on his platform reading “an impressive gospel of achievements” - telling us that he has done so admirably for us that we are now living in a “constituency of paradise”.  But which is a better yardstick to measure our progress: is it the politician’s word, or is it our pockets?

Worst quinquennium
The politician's word in the Constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus is a "Hot-button" issue. The word according to Bousquet's gospel is that "Sputnik" was launched in Choiseul during the period 2006 -2011. The constituents on the other hand have a sharply, diametrically opposed view which completely rebuts the wishful thinking of Tucker. They believe that the "quinquennium" 2006-2011 has been the worst that Choiseul/Saltibus has ever experienced in living history. That view has largely resulted in significant rejection and distaste even among  Bousquet’s own supporters.  

The rejection and distaste of Bousquet have obviously reached a crescendo of tsunami proportions which is now turning ugly and confrontational. Last year the PowerHouse reported two freak altercations involving Bousquet. The trend continues this year.

More altercations with Bousquet: why?
As if to compliment his rising unpopularity even in his traditional strongholds, Rufus within a 12 hour-hour period survived no less than two altercations in Saltibus. One wonders why so many altercations in the stronghold where he was once so loved and revered?

The first altercation occurred at Enba Coco in Londonderry Saltibus during a fundraising Barbeque and Karaoke; and the second happened at Jah Juke’s (formerly Robertsy’s) Bar in Saltibus proper. In both cases, he quickly escaped the scenes.

Why has his love affair with the constituency now turned so sour? Why are people becoming increasingly angry and confrontational at a time he is most visible? The more they see him, the angrier they seem to become!

Wanted man
The talk of the town in Choiseul/Saltibus is Rufus “Tucker” Bousquet is a wanted man in the constituency and apparently, the constituents are meting out vigilante justice in return for the atrocities, bluff and bad representation they received for the last 4 years.

But that may just be the beginning of things to come in the long “trial” ahead when he will be tried in a court of law where the people of Choiseul/Saltibus will be judge, jury and executioner! Yes, Indeed! He will be tried, according to Mutabaraka, in the people’s court.

The charges
Charges will be brought against him for the following cases:
1.   Why are the people of Choiseul groveling in poverty when he owns two 2 massive condos/properties - one at the Bay Walk Mall and the other at the Landings where he lives.
2.   What is a justifiable rationale for the rental of the Bay Walk Mall Office?
3.   Are the allegations of unsolved murder against him true?
4.   Why didn’t he tell us that he is a convict?
5.   Why has he not made full disclosure to Choiseulians on a number of outstanding matters including claims suggested by Rick Wayne on talk that he is HIV positive?
6.   Does he have a “Mr Smith” identity in whose name his new Condo at the Landings is registered?
7.   Are the claims about his abuse of his mother true?
8.   How come he has a fleet of personal vehicle which include two top of top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz? How does he account for so much wealth with only a $10,000 monthly salary? Does he make disclosures to the Integrity commission?
9.   Why did he want to Saltibus kick out of the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency?
10.                Why is he hoarding containers of Hurricane relief supplies at the free zone in Vieux Fort when there are so many people who need it?


  1. When will that court date be announced? Could it be Dr. C. Lafeuillee prosecuting on behalf of the people and H. Nicholas defending the criminal?

    That I would love to see.

    Unfortunately, Choiseulians may never get their justice as desired because Rufus' actions will most likely have foreign law enforcers hauling him out of here not too long from now.

  2. Dr Lafeuillee has made Choiseulians proud in the past. And he will make us proud again. Dr Lafeuillee is a distinguished academic with many talents. We call him our Perry Mason. I don't think Tucker will want to face the legal lion!