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Friday, July 29, 2011

The True Story about Bruce Tucker: Mepwi vs Fact

Why didn't anybody attack this year's calypsonians on the Encyclopaedia of facts that they provided on Bruce Tucker/Rufus Bousquet? Why is the Tucker Blog trying to bribe the people of Choiseul/Saltibus about the facts and truth about Bruce Tucker/Rufus Bousquet?

Is it mépwi to call a murderer - a murderer? Is it mépwi to call a convict - a convict? Is it mépwi to call a Minister who deprives the Consolidated Funds of monies - a fraudster? Is it mépwi to call a minister who bluffs his constituents, a bluffer? Is it mépwi to say that Choiseul/Saltibus constituency is the “Ti Canal capital” of St. Lucia?

Is it wrong to call a spade – a spade?

Well, in case you didn’t know, this is just what the “mind-binding” bluffing “Tucker Flies” (aka mouch Tucker) operating in Choiseul/Saltibus would want to implant into our minds. We understand that they are hired to do a job; but is it right to continue to sin so profoundly against their own brothers and sisters for thirty pieces of Taiwanese silver?

Thank God for the Powerhouse that we have not only exposed them; but we have also put them in a corner and today they are running scared.

They have been running a profound “mind-bending campaign” on their blog and elsewhere on behalf of Tucker for almost 5 years. And just when they thought they had the people of Choiseul/Saltibus “covered” for Tucker, the Powerhouse– the “great leveler” that changed not only the game but equally the aim of the game - emerged.

The “Tucker Flies” have been very busy trying to make Tucker look good by trying to make us believe that the facts and truth about Tucker are mépwi.  That mind-bending bluff is unforgivable! It is a kwév tjè and we must be on our guard for it. But it is the cornerstone of their evil campaign strategy.

As part of our defense armoury against the “mouch Tuckers” when they come to us, tt is important that we are clear on the facts about Tucker. Incidentally, those facts were also echoed by most of our calypsonians this year.

Here are the facts:
Fact 1:
Rufus George Bousquet is listed on the Federal Bureau of prisons as a US convict. His prison number is 77316-012. He was released from the US Federal prison on 09-12-1984.

Fact 2:
He has violated the Finance Laws of St. Lucia by not depositing monies due to the state into the Consolidated Funds. He himself said that he deposited funds which he procured from Morocco and Portugal into an account at the Choiseul Credit Union, in contravention to the Finance Act.

Fact 3:
Rufus Bousquet changed his name to Bruce Tucker when he was released from prison the first time. He admitted he was the real "Bruce Tucker" on "Straight Up" with Claudius Francis

Fact 4:
Tucker contested the 1992 elections under a false name.

Fact 5:
After his release from prison in 1984, he returned to St. Lucia and changed his name by Deed poll to JMD Bousquet, the 2nd. The deed poll document from the registry revealed that at the time of running the Choiseul Seat in 1992, his legal name in St. Lucia was actually JMD Bousquet, the 2nd. 

Fact 6:
Rick Wayne received a letter from a young lady who claimed that she contracted HIV/AIDS from a Minister who was later identified on "LucianTalk" as Bruce Tucker.  

I challenge the Tucker Flies on the Tucker Blog to do two things:

1.   Prove those facts wrong.
2.   Encourage Tucker to take the PowerHouse to court and sue us if we have told any lies about him.

The PowerHouse did not write the calypsos about Tucker for Morgie, Bingo, Minelle, Kakal, Papa Vader, TC Brown etc. By exposing the facts that Tucker was a conman, a liar, a convict and a bad example, these calypsos brought so much shame and disgrace to bear on us in Choiseul/Saltibus. Morgie – a member of the UWP - summarized it best when he said that you can call him anything as long as you don’t call him Rufus.

It is time for Tucker to stop hiding the truth from us. He needs to come into the open and declare himself.


  1. Ex-Rufus Bousquet CampaignerJuly 30, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    That's what I call "educating the electorate". The line here is extremely thin; at first, it looked like "maypwi" to me. But as I read it - and read between the lines - it became clear that you knew what you wrote.

    It has everything to do with transparency and accountability. We have to hold all politicians accountable for their actions. In that regard, we may have to take a page from what's happening in the USA and the UK.

    There's nothing wrong with a convict or criminal going for parliamentary office. It all boils down to the people who vote for him. Voting for a criminal as our rep makes a "hell of a statement" about us and about our values.

    If the electorate did not know he was a criminal and voted for him/her, then they should reserve the right to recall him immediately. In that context, I don't believe that Rufus has any legitimacy as a district rep. If I were him, I would do the honorable thing and resign from office. But I hear he is fighting tooth and nail to win. He should realise that he has committed an act of fraud against he constituents and should withdraw from the race.

    But again, this how criminals behave. They have no conscience and no values. That's why they rob, kill and hurt their fellow men without feeling sorry.

    The other side is if we knew he was a convict and voted for him, then it makes a very powerful statement about us as a people and our values. Why would we want to vote for a law-breaker to make him a law-maker. Are we like him? Is that what we want for our children? Can we look into our children's eyes and tell them we voted for criminal?

    It may having everything to do with illiteracy and ignorance of our people as a whole; and also the dishonesty and selfishness of our leaders who are his campaigners. Maybe they are being richly rewarded and they don't give a damn about our pride and our future.

    We, in the US, will never vote for a criminal for rep. He must be a role model when it comes to moral behaviour

    I am a strong UWP supporter; but I consider it an insult for the UWP to select Rufus as a candidate. Where is our pride as Choiseulians/Saltibusians.

    For a country with the highest ratio of Nobel laureate on the planet, can't we do better?

    Thanks for sharing the facts with us. I will ensure that none of my relatives vote for Rufus Bousquet.

  2. Nincompoop's friendJuly 30, 2011 at 2:00 AM

    I can see that Gilo is losing it. He is clearly both jealous and afraid of Lorne's team. He should never try to wake a lion when the lion is sleeping.

    Boss, de man trying to write just like you but "ahwah"! Pipin cyan write yet. All Pippin did in his in his article was to pee on us just as he always pee-pee-ing on him. Hear what he wrote:

    "Does Lorne and Forgetus have any thing in common? Two things for sure: they both have violent tendencies and secondly on(e) has Theophilus as his first name whereas the other has it as his last name......coincidence? Your guess. (mem bet mem pwell)"

    But the "pee-peeing on him" Pippin never told the rest of the story; i.e., that the Theophilus' are a sure win against Bousquet; and if easily you want to beat Bousquet, then get a Theophilus.

    "Theophilus Ferguson John" beat the rascal twice and how can he Forget(us)that?

    Now, we have brought in "Lorne Theophilus" to finish him for good! And that includes ensuring that he is put behind bars for all his unsolved crimes against Choiseul/Saltibus and against St. Lucia.

    If Tucker thinks the whipping he got from Lord Forgetus was severe, then he ain't see nothing yet.

  3. Man from SaltibusJuly 30, 2011 at 2:20 AM

    ex-Rufus supporter, Change the last line: "If Tucker thinks the whipping he got from Lord Forgetus was violent, then he ain't see no violence yet."

    Lorne may not support Corporal punishment, but I suspect Bousquet is going to get it from him at the polls!

    Somebody tell me that Webby and the fishermen have already put one big LLB for election day to soak behind the sea wall for Lorne to teach Tucker a lesson! It will be non-stop blows from Lorne with "ti kwa". tout pa tou ou passey c'est: Ti kwa en tet Bousquet

    Si Pippin, Bourg Rouge la api Jimmy pa ka were sa, say bourg la aveg grand jour!

  4. Boss, I am so happy that you brought up the Morocco & Portugal money issue. Recently, Richard Frederick was on his "Can I help you" program now transformed to "I help myself" adding stench to his Red Herring thinking that he was hurting Kenny. The bully never realized that he was actually helping Choiseulians understand that Rufus should be put back in jail; this time, locally.

    Frederick used his knowledge of the law to elaborate on St. Lucian law (the constitution) pointing out that NO Minister of Government is legally suppose to receive monies from Morocco, Portugal or other foreign country directly. In Rufus' case he claimed to have directly received and placed it in the Choiseul Credit Union. Frederick loudly taught St/ Lucians that ALL foreign monies received should be through the Accountant General which then goes into the consolidated fund. Frederick made mention of the section in particular which speaks to that FACT. We don't know if any other Minister has broken the law in that regard but Rufus has confessed publicly. According to Frederick "Not me that say it ahh, is the law".

    Now Choiseulians, are we going to make a citizens' arrest, write the Prime Minister (time wasting) or put in a public letter asking the Attorney General to take criminal action against this repeated offender - Rufus Bruce Duane Tucker George Smith JMD Bousquet the 2nd Bousquet? I know it sounds confusing but its the man's name.

    Choiseulians I call on you to take action and stop Rufus from spitting in our faces.

  5. Call me Judas - Never RufusJuly 30, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    People in the diaspora: This man (Rufus) came to the Choiseul fisheries, brought National TV, for him to announce receipt of an excavator & Truck to permanently serve as a solution for removing regular silt build up at the location; three weeks later up to this day, the fisheries remains inaccessible to the fishermen. All the boats sit outside the facility and three engines have been stolen. To date the fisheries remain without an excavator and a dump truck.

    Imagine many of these fishermen have gas bills amounting to near $2000.00 but as if that were not painful enough, they have to carry the huge barrels of gas a good 500ft to work then carry the catch back the same distance to try and pay that gas bill. The fisheries was designed so that the fuel hose would reach the fishing boats and the fishermen wouldn't have to go through this at 3:00am or be immersed in the cold water. "Seh paychee ah Ka Soufee"

    Instead the MP is laundering dirty money by putting blocks around an existing shanty that's already home to gangsters and drug dealers and building Ti Canal. The people of Le Riche just start facing problems.

    In conversation with Lorne's close associate I understood that Lorne has already realized the need for a real Library in Choiseul village which has an abandoned, struggling and marginalized facility now operating as library. I understand that he sees the need for a modern library with enough technology to keep the youth of Choiseul occupied after school hours and weekends; now that's shaping our future. The gentleman also mentioned that he has realized a need for the same in a number or other communities especially Saltibus. Boss maybe you can elaborate on that.

    Boss, is it true that Lorne's intention is to work with the School Principals and Teachers as well as ex-Principals in Choiseul to help tailor a better education system for this and future generations?

    I also understand that he wants to rally for a jetty to be placed on the Shores of Choiseul village so we to can capitalize on the tourism product. Is it true that near that Jetty he wants to have a display of our local craft? I'm understanding that he sees Choiseul as being underutilized by the Tourism sector.

    When i asked about the Agricultural sector I understood that Lorne has identified a need for more feeder roads in Choiseul to access large portions of lands that is high in fertility but cannot be utilized for large scale farming presently. With this he can relocate farmers and help them to extend their farms and therefore their income. It is noted that Choiseul has miles of river throughout, that can be dammed at different locations where water reserves will be created to help in irrigating the various farmlands and even households especially during the dry season.

    I have had several opportunities to speak with him about these brilliant ideas but choose not to. This man is always surrounded by the people and he never seems too busy for them. I am hoping that I can meet him on one of his quiet days, if that exist.

    Great Stuff!