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Friday, November 18, 2011


Look at Bousquet’s photo below. Does it look like him?

Note the swelling of his cheeks. If you look carefully enough, you will also see swellings around his eyes. Lately, he has been invariably hiding the left side of his face from the camera because of an eruption of rash.

Bousquet is losing everything, including his good looks. Bousquet is struggling hard to stay afloat and perhaps alive!.

Bousquet has no legitimacy to speak on moral issues. He has fooled the people of Choiseul/Saltibus for too long and we will no longer allow this to continue.

Compared to Fergy’s impressive achievements during the Labour Government, Bousquet’s achievements equals zero: not even the Saltibus/Gertrine Road which was earmarked for repairs by the SLP was done. Not one school was built; no improvement to the water supply; health services are terrible; unemployment sank to an all-time low. Yet they have the audacity to boast about 4.4% economic growth. Where are the proceeds of that growth?

Bousquet, (like Richard) is not fit to be a candidate. Where in the Caribbean would Ministers whose diplomatic and personal visas were revoked be eligible to run for parliament? Where in the world, would a jail bird like Bousquet who is persona non grata in the US be eligible to run for parliament? Convicted criminals like Bousquet should never be legislators; they belong to Bordelais. The POWERHOUSE is not comfortable with criminals running for political office.

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