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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


When things got real bad with the former West Indies CEO of WICB, he landed himself a brand new job with the Government of St. Lucia as High Commissioner to the UK. Should Chris Gayle follow suit? Should PM Portia Simpson do as Kenny Anthony did and save Gayle and WINDIES cricket from further embarrassment by embracing cricket’s most savage “Hitman” in a new plenipotentiary ambassadorial role for Jamaica and save him from disgrace?

Already, Gayle is a proud symbolic fixture towering above the Jamaican landscape; his massive "aerial" poster is one of the imposing phenomena that greets you upon arrival at the Norman Manley Airport in Jamaica. Secondly, Gayle is known worldwide – and unlike the former CEO who is a new kid on the international block – may be able to attract greater attention and respect from his clientele. Shouldn’t those make him a potentially excellent choice for an ambassador plenipotentiary – EH, that is, as long as he does not carry his “big bat” with him?

But perhaps not! Not all sportsmen and sports administrators maybe effective in the political field. While The Indians (and even the Australians) believe that Tendulkar may be a role model in that respect, the Trinis believe that Jack Warner is a severe embarrassment.  

The battle between Gayle and Hilaire which inflicted limitless collateral damage on WI cricket may just provide us with a rough insight into the ambassadorial propensities of two honorable WINDIES virtuosos. When faced with challenges, they fought like ancient gladiators, aiming for the jugular of each other regardless of the magnitude of collateral damage! In the case of the Gayle-Hilaire battle, one has apparently “self-destruct”; and it looks like the other is facing imminent self-destruction in the world of cricket. They didn’t use civilized diplomacy but they fought like savages with Gayle using the brute force of his big bat and Hilaire converting much of his brain to brawn to match him.

During after the battle, the outcomes were an unenviable legacy of scars, dissensus and debt which perhaps took the heaviest toll ever on our cricket. None of them were obviously mindful of those repercussions!

While the dissensus has apparently abated with cost-prohibitive implications for WICB, the pain and agony linger.

In a total about-turn, Gayle has moved – and one hopes it is only temporary - from the "glitteriest" ivory tower of success to the doldrums of dismal failure! Lately, he has been failing in all forms and at all levels of the game – even in his T20 forte. He failed dismally in the test and ODI matches against the weaker teams like New Zealand and Bangladesh and continued to fail in the Australia Big Bash, except in his final match where he scored 65.

In previous articles, I argued for Gayle’s return to the fold of West Indies cricket when he was in the wilderness. But now after a “second” good look, I am of the opinion that it may now be time for him to take a page from Viv Richards and Clive Lloyd by taking an early bow from international cricket before “irreversible decrement” sets in. The “Don” Prime Minister can facilitate the exit of the “great man” by doing what Kenny did for Hilaire: reward him with an honorable position – ambassadorial or otherwise!

West Indies cricket must move on!

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