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Monday, February 7, 2011

Did UWPees clash with Choiseul Church?

The reports are conflicting but a story is emerging. The UWP was attempting to mobilize a motorcade to the Attorney General’s Rally while the Church was mobilizing the Catholic community for the “March for Christ” to celebrate 100 years since the Catholic Church was built. The two events more or less coincided.

The Church had secured the services of DOTCOM Sounds for the purpose of sound reinforcement and Public Address; the UWP had its own sound system.

The March for Christ was due to being at 2 pm at Victoria; and it was around the same time that the UWP motorcade started.

Some of the participants claimed that they were disturbed by the blaring of loud music and expletives coming from the supporters, who were lead by District rep Rufus Bousquet while they were praying and getting ready for the March.
There are reports certain members of the church hierarchy and organizers of the March were very concerned about the interference and its implications for discipline in the society.

If the story is true, then it was a sad day for Choiseul. It was the day when Rufus Bousquet and his team were a vexation to the spirit of the Roman Catholic faith. It is also a part of the unfolding story of the moral decay of our society championed by the Flambeau government.

Incidentally, while the Tucker and his motorcade were disturbing the spiritual peace led by the Catholic Church, Lorne took the day off the trail to peacefully lime and "chill out" in silence with his constituents prior to joining the March for Christ later in the evening.

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  1. Shame on Tucker and his campaigners. I leave him to God