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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Should we accept aid from the devil?

Tucker’s ill-gotten goods machinery has suffered a huge blow. Prior to the democratic revolution in Libya, nobody knew about any pending aid package from the now embattled Muammar Kaddafi; but now that the regime of the wicked tyrant is crumbling, all of a sudden, St. Lucia’s Houdini of Foreign Affairs is pulling rabbits straight off the hat worth millions of dollars. According to the Foreign Minister, St. Lucia was due to have gotten a Development Bank worth one 100M dollars and a further $10 M in aid from Libya. The questions worth asking are: Why were there no disclosures in that regard before? Why is it only when the wicked Kaddafi regime is under a state of siege that the News is coming out? Where is the MOU between St. Lucia and Libya detailing the terms of the aid deal?

Apparently, the media in St. Lucia are lazy to investigate the story; they feed us with the verbatim pronouncements of a Foreign Minister who – because of his record - has absolutely no credibility. HTS should have done due diligence prior to reporting bluffs from politicians as "headline news".

But the big question is: Should we accept aid from the devil? Why should we accept aid from a leader who murders his very own people? If he does not love his people, then will he love us? Shouldn’t we totally dissociate ourselves from him? Should we do like the USA, UK, France and stand with the international community and condemn him in the strongest of terms?

Kaddafi is hiring mercenaries to kill his very own people and even the tribes who supported him overwhelmingly have defected. Now h is wicked regime is on the verge of crumbling, he is planning to run away, run away to Venezuela or Zimbabwe – the only two countries that may give him asylum; and if they turn him away, he will eventually end up committing suicide as a last resort.

Our foreign Minister should stand “Full Square” behind the international community and to get this murderer out of power so that the people of Libya can be liberated.

The question is why doesn’t Bousquet stand behind the international community? Or what’s preventing him from doing so and save St. Lucia’s image on the international scene? What do Bousquet and Kaddafi have so much in common that prevents Bousquet from condemning Kaddafi?

Rick Wayne may have a slight hearing problem; but he usually gets it right when he hears it. In 2007, he broke the news that Rufus Bousquet was a convict who served time in a US federal prison in LA under the name Bruce Tucker. Thanks to Rick today that we all can go into “inmate locator” under the Federal Bureau of Prison and verify that Bousquet was released from the US Federal prison in 09-12-1984. His registered prison number is 77316-012.

Rick also warned us about the possibility of a murderer being our next prime Minister. Rick wrote the article “Will our murderer be our next prime minister” at the time when there was widespread talk that Bousquet was rallying his “Super 8” gang to support him as Prime Minister. It was not clear what Rick meant: was he referring to the murder of Sir John or the other murders which allegedly happened in the US?

Quiet apart from the enlightenment from Rick Wayne, Tucker’s own mother has confessed to a group of friends that her own son broke her arm.

These are more than a mouthful for a handsome, well-spoken young man who wants to be PM and that takes me to the question I asked earlier: what do Kaddafi and Bousquet have in common?

Indeed, they are both criminals who are bent on holding onto power at all costs. But what motivates these two criminals to want to hold onto power at all costs? Studies have shown that criminals are endowed with a tenacity of mind and spirit and that it is that overwhelming tenacity that drives their criminal behavior. 

Like Kaddafi, Bousquet is “criminally tenacious’. He does not care about breaking laws and has no qualms about it; he has done this so many times before and has survived the punishment by incarceration. So now that the electorate has breathed legitimacy into him and has legalized his criminality, he has acquired a new lease, a new license to continue his criminal behaviour. The callous disrespect and violations of the Finance Administration Act is just one such example.

But the question is: should we ever be friends with Libya? Shouldn’t we have learned from the terrible mistakes of Brother George? We learnt then that Kaddafi was a devil and today – by the genocide against his own people - he has shown to be even a greater Devil. We can’t afford to be his friend in any form or fashion. Let us rally with the international community to do what is necessary to liberate the Libyan people from the genocide by Kaddafi.


  1. This clearly shows the type of person Bousquet is. He supports a man who murders his own people, that says a lot about this man. Can St Lucians put themselves at risk and vote such a man? My question is why were we never informed of getting aid from Libya. Where is the transparency? All of a sudden we hear our dishonest minister of foreign affairs getting aid all over the place. Who accounts for all of this aid he receives? How long will it take for Rufus's acts of deceit to be investigated? This whole regime needs to go. A pack of wolves, hungry for power, no form of integrity and graduallly destroying the moral fabric of our sweet St Lucia. Can we allow this to go for another term? No, we need to act now and save fair Helen.

  2. The PowerHouse is going places. It is doing and causing to happen what no other media house is doing. That result was expected because the powerhouse is run by experts in finance, law, engineering, research, statistics and management. It may well be the best media house in St. Lucia. I am truly enlightened every time I read its articles; these quality reminds me of Bro George.

    yes indeed, the PowerHouse is forcing Rufus to start doing the right thing. Hand the money over to the director of finance.

    There are two theories here; one is the Ministry of Finance is embarrassed by the rogue behaviour of Mr bousquet; the other is Bousquet is embarking on a PR stunt to to pull wool over the eyes of the St. Lucians in the diaspora.

    I note there is also a raging debate on Bousquet's violations of the finance laws on Lucian talk also.

    The question now is will he also return the Moroccan and Portuguese donations to the Treasury? he has to. he has zero options in that regard.

    Powerhouse, keep up the good work.

    I have submitted an article on Election Fraud for you to publish. Check your email. I have attached all the data and information on the simulation exercises I used. I had the my professor to look at it and he is amazed! I think we have Bousquet, Jimmy and Gilo by the balls. These guys have to go to jail for those atrocities. Let Lorne and Thaddeus give you the legal possibilities for action before you publish.

  3. People all over the world "malparlaying" St. Lucia. Our PM is nothing but a prostitute; only a prostitute would allow criminals like Fredericks and Bousquet to rape him all over the place like that. Stop! Is it rape or is he giving it away free; Boy, his anatomy must be hurting him badly especially after the rape by Richard.

    we don't want a gamete; we want a prime minister

  4. "What's that: R, I, B, I, whatever? You mean apart from Rufus, Bruce, Duane, Tucker, Bousquet, Cenac; mate still have more names? Seriously, the entire event is very puzzling: The Permanent Mission of St. Lucia to the UN received money from several countries on behalf of St. Lucia. Right? Why did they consolidate the money and present one check to St Lucia? Why couldn't they have presented the individual original checks to the Director of Finance? Where is the accountability? Our on-board friends in the US, can you please verify this amount with the mission? Please ask to see the original checks. Thanks in advance."

  5. Emailer from GertrineFebruary 25, 2011 at 2:36 AM

    Email from a Gertrine Resident:

    I have some news Powerhouse needs to congratulate Tucker as he has a young girl lin Gertrine pregnant! This is not the first time, but this one is "special". He's been there over 2 years and "keeps" very good care of her and ALL her family who happen to be SLP supporters. The UWP in the area vex as ever as he does nothing for them, but supports her family. She pretends to be in Labour camp, but goes back and gives him all the news. She's his mole on the ground. His family in Castries has no clue what a snake he is. Also did you hear about 2 weekends ago Tucker was spotted driving through Piaye - windows down with a white lady with long dark hair and it wasn't his wife nor his "girl". People shouting him to stop, but he didn't stop? Why not ? He real bold eh? Powerhouse keep digging and you will find alot of dirt. Please do not print my name as I want to be annoyonmous. Keep up the good work."