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Monday, July 11, 2011


The current Flambeau Administration may be most famous for  - not for its rampant criminality but –for its ranked stupidity. A classic demonstration is the recruitment a convicted criminal into its cabinet of ministers and appointing him as the country’s foreign minister after he was fired twice from that same Cabinet. Stupidity follows the Flambeaus far and wide and lately manifested itself most aptly in their latest desperate anti-Lorne campaign strategy.

With Tucker’s campaign machinery literally stuck in the mud and dying, and with apparently no ideas on how to “bang-start” it, he has decided to attack Lorne’s “youthfulness” and make it the centerpiece of his campaign.  Oh! What a shame! Strangely, it is the same “set of persons” who claimed less than a month ago that they were organizing a UWP youth chapter for Choiseul/Saltibus.

The question we ask is: How come it’s only now for the youth? Rufus has spent two terms as the Parliamentary rep for Choiseul/Saltibus (and more than 25 years “loathing around” the Constituency and having a good time), then why is it only now on the verge of an election that he wants to organize a youth chapter? The answer is clear.

Let us examine the stupid and hypocritical Flambeau claim that Lorne is too young and inexperienced to represent Choiseul/Saltibus.  Doesn’t that sound like a familiar refrain? That was the same argument that was raised against Obama when he ran for president and indeed Obama whipped them; that’s the same argument that was used against Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Skeritt whipped them! He became Dominica’s PM at the tender age of 31 and has been PM for 9 years. Incidentally, he and Lorne are about the same age.

Obama and Skeritt have been inspirations for youth just as Lorne is an inspiration to our youth in Choiseul/Saltibus and St. Lucia.

The youth form a critical part of the Lorne campaign and some of them are the masterminds behind it. In fact, one of them who just turned 20 years is currently and singlehandedly putting the finishing touches to Lorne’s tele-communication campaign plan. How can anybody “diss” that quality of talent and claim to be pro-youth? The youth are our future; and honestly, I prefer to entrust our future to an honest, vibrant and progressive young man than to a Bruce Tucker.

Lorne spent almost $200,000 of his own money to help Tomas victims. He has proven that he is an excellent mobiliser. At the age of 40, he is one of the most distinguished defense lawyers in St. Lucia and the Caribbean; he has much better academic qualifications in law than Richard Frederick. He has more qualifications than King and Bousquet put together. He has a better leadership profile than Bousquet whose only record is a prison record with many unresolved criminal issues hanging over his head.

Most importantly, Lorne has vision and energy. He has put a comprehensive vision plan for the development of Choiseul/Saltibus. He is respected not just in the legal world but also beyond that. He was chairman of Sports St. Lucia Inc and he belongs to reputable international organizations.  He is a brilliant all-round sportsman and sports administrator. He sets himself very high standards and he is an inspiration to youth everywhere in the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency

It is clear that Lorne’s successes have Tucker confused. Apparently, “Lime-with-Lorne” is taking a very heavy toll on him and he is simply overwhelmed by Lorne’s brand of participatory democracy; but “he ain’t see nothing yet”! The final nail is yet to be driven in his coffin. Stay tuned!

Long live the youth of St. Lucia, the Caribbean and the world. Long live Lorne Theophilus!


  1. Tucker is nearing the end of his days! Thanks to Lorne for removing that that criminal from our midst. I hope Tucker spends more time behind bars.

  2. Well said Mr Editor. Tucker and his team are definitely stuck in the mud. They had to wait hours upon hours to convene their meeting in the village "Lorne Ground", on Saturday evening, simply because the crowd they anticipated never showed up. Had it not been for party hacks from Soufriere, Vieux Fort North and Laborie the streets of the village would have been bare with a set of losers sitting on the platform waiting. The meeting lacked substance. Nothing new was discussed. All they attempted to do was to Tarnish Lorne's reputation. To this day, they cannot post the pics of the meeting yet cause there is a lot of cutting and pasting to be done to make it look like there were record numbers at the meeting. I have pics of the meeting. They were forewarned by the Powerhouse but did not take heed. In Choiseul you just can't touch a Theophilus!

  3. Doc, I emailed you information about the Tucker meeting on Saturday. Check your powerhouse email.

    But let me tell you something about Saturday meeting: It was dismal; many of the platform speakers were drunk. When I go to a meeting, i want to hear sober people. Jimmy and Bryan were apparently drunk and they were very incoherent.

    That fellow called Reds is lost. If I were Rufus, I would have fired him. Doc, he made reference to your PhD; it was a stupid reference. Jimmy made reference to DOTCOM. They even tried to bad-mouth the powerhouse. I suspect they are jealous of the powerhouse. tucker's blog is still stuck in the mud after all those years.

    If they want talent, tell them come to our side. If they want education, tell them join us. If they want organisation, tell them come. IT'S NOT OUR FAULT FOR THEIR WEAKNESSES. Dont Blame me . . . I know where I voted.