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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Did Tucker stab the Pitbull in the back?

There are sure signs that UWP is disintegrating. When buddies like Richard and Rufus publicly lock horns (as they did in the House of Assembly over debating procedures), then the writing about an imminent collapse of the UWP is on the wall. Did you notice Tucker’s rebuff of Richard comments on the debating procedures? Perhaps, it was Richard’s first glimpse of Tucker’s treachery. If he were Spider’s friend, then he would have been properly debriefed about Tucker - for the Spider can write an entire encyclopedia on Tucker tricks and treachery.

I have been reliably informed that one of the principal instigators behind the regularization of the House debating procedures was Rufus Bousquet. Now desperately in need for a straw to clinch to, he thought grandstanding about his Taiwanese pseudo-achievements in the House would be an ideal campaign strategy.  So he figured out if he could pull a rabbit from the hat by forcing the speaker to change the debating convention, then he would have set the stage for a quantum leap in his campaign. How na├»ve!

I can only empathize with the “emotional Pitbull” - especially after knowing what he knew about Tucker and still putting his neck on the block for the political salvation of the ex- convict. The whole episode must have reminded Richard of the circumstances of Sir John’s death and he must have felt it like a stab in the back!

The big issue now is: how will it play out in the days ahead behind closed doors. Will Richard reciprocate? Or will he just let it go? The “Pitbull” being the fighter that he is perceived to be, may not let it pass.

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