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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Rufus was born on November 28, 1958. So he celebrates his 52nd birthday today and the PowerHouse wishes him “Happy Birthday”!

Unfortunately, he celebrates his 52nd Birthday with a huge dark cloud of "quadruple identity" hanging over his head.

Records from the Registry reveal that he was christened Rufus George Cenac - a name he kept until on the 28 February, 1989, when he changed it (by deed poll) to Joseph Michael Donald (JMD) Bousquet 2nd

He had a third name change to Rufus George Bousquet on the February 02, 2000. Hence, the Rufus Bousquet who won the Choiseul/Saltibus Seat in 1992 never existed until February 18, 2000. 

The questions therefore are: Are there legal implications and redress? Should Evans Calderon pursue the matter retroactively in a court of law and what would be the penalties? Is winning an election under a false identity an indictable offence? And will Rufus be indicted? Time will tell!

In his lifetime, Rufus has had four known names: Rufus George Cenac, Bruce tucker, Joseph Michael Donald (JMD) Bousquet 2nd, and Rufus George Bousquet. What would prompt an honourable man to have so many identities? What is the rationale? Should someone with a quadruple identity be a parliamentary rep and a country's foreign minister?


  1. If what you say is true Cyberboss,then Rufus is a fraud through and through. The question I want to ask is why does anyone change their names that many times? To get a visa, or to hide something a lot deeper and treacherous. This should be investigated a lot further, and I hope Lorne is taking serious note. These are issues that the people need to know about so dig deep and as the former Rick Wayne would say, bring the truth to light.

  2. I think this should really be investigated because as the person above me said, that could mean that he holds deep secrets. As a result, a person like this should not be representing us. I think Lorne or another SLP representative should bring this matter up or continue investigating.

  3. I would like there to be some investigation into how Mr. Bousquet managed to own a condominium at the Landings on a ministerial salary, and whether he has disclosed his sources of income to the integrity committee.We all know that he has held no job which would pay him this sort of money so where is it coming from. Can Cyberboss, Lorne or both of you please take note and investigate further.

  4. This is a ticklish situation. The man has multiple identities and can therefore spread his properties under different names. For example, he can have the Condo at Rodney Bay under Bruce Tucker or JMD 2nd. Perhaps Lorne and his formidable legal team can investigate and take the appropriate legal action; but Tucker is used going to prison and changing his name.

  5. Hello Cyberboss! could you please try to find out which name he used when he broke his mother's arm a few years ago.That man must have a "maladesion" to break your mother's arm? How can any right thinking St.Lucian vote,let come into their home or for that matter speak to such an animal! I hope CHOU takes his chew to Taiwan when he is kicked out of St.Lucia!!!!