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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Water Crisis in Choiseul Takes an Unexpected "Dirty" Twist!

It’s looking bad for Choiseul. Reports reaching the PowerHouse indicate that the district representative - Hon Rufus Bousquet - is depriving vulnerable, helpless persons of much needed drinking water. One sickly gentleman from Christian Hill told a Powerhouse reporter that he felt “ashamed by the treatment he got from the district rep” who literally “humiliated him” when he sought some drinking bottled water from him. 

Another elderly lady from La Fargue also felt hurt when she too “got a hoff” from the district rep when she requested a bottle of drinking water from him. 

But the story does not end here.  A top supporter of Hon Rufus Bousquet reportedly suffered the worst fate when she tried to procure some water on behalf of her Mom. The district rep did not only snub her, but also unceremoniously “drove out on her” and almost caused bodily injury to the lady.

The Powerhouse is saddened by the sequence of events. We do not believe the people of Choiseul/Saltibus deserve that treatment especially from a district rep who holds the esteemed portfolio of Foreign Affairs Minister.

The Powerhouse is investigating those allegations; and if they are found to be true will, among other things, call on the district rep – who is the Minister for Foreign Affairs - to act more judiciously and responsibly in the distribution of water to his constituents.


  1. I heard the story myself and I feel very sad by it. That is not good behaviour, at all

  2. This behaviour however seems to be in keeping with the practices of this district rep> Why cant he take a page from Lorne who with the utmost humility continued to contribute daily relief without discriminating as to who received it. This effort by lorne, underscores his ability to mobilize and willingness to use his grit and own resources to benefit those who were in need. Trust me it will not go unnoticed. Lorne is the rep we have been waiting for.