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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Blatant Act of Bad Manners

Lately, Choiseulians have been voicing alarm about the spate of bad manners displayed by their district rep.

Apparently, the virus has caught up with the hierarchy of the Government. Take for example the issue of distribution of relief supplies for which Ministers of Government have unethically  self-appointed themselves as guardians, obviously for the sinister purpose of callously denying non-supporters. 

I heard the Minister of Housing on the airwaves fulminating about allegations leveled against him in that regard; and the manner in which he went on to defend himself on Radio St. Lucia was grossly inappropriate and un-befitting of a Minister of Government.

But what really "caught my ear" was a news item on Radio St. Lucia where Hon Dalson suggested that even the Prime Minister was blatantly involved in those acts too, when he took CARICOM's Secretary-general, His Excellency, Sir Edwin Carrington on a site visit to Soufriere and Fond St. Jacques this week and didn't have the courtesy to inform the district rep.

But what was more disturbing was the Press Secretary's response to Hon Dalson's legitimate position, which the former regrettably dismissed as a desire for a photo shoot by the latter.


  1. Sir you are so correct. It's a virus infecting losing politicians

  2. What is wrong with our PM? He should demonstrate leadership.