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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There is an old La Rose saying "le yon tombey, yon a lot sipotey lot"; Against this background, the "Country Music Heavyweight" - the Ultimate DJ Pryo - and the Management and Staff of DOTCOM SOUNDS have come together in one massive fundraiser for Fond St. Jacques on November 27, 2010. Traditionally, this date was set aside as Pryo's Birthday Bash; but in keeping with the magnitude and gravity of the crisis facing Fond St. Jacques, the top two entertainment gurus have agreed to waive all activities and to stage this Fundraiser for those in dire need.

In addition, DOTCOM SOUNDS will also bring glad tidings to Fond St. Jacques families at a date to be announced. The Manager informed me that - as part of the "uplifting process" - the children and adults will be entertained with a galore of Christmas Carols plus toys for the kids. He informed me that he is currently negotiating with corporate sponsors for pledges and contributions. An account will be opened at the Choiseul Credit Union for the purpose; and readers will be notified accordingly in due course. A similar activity - albeit on a small scale- is being contemplated for Saltibus, Daban and Jetrine.

Choiseul/Saltibus is built on a foundation of "cooperativism". Let us embark on a Renaissance of those old proven values for the re-development of our communities. We have done it before; and we can do it again.

Fond St. Jacques, Saltibus, Jetrine, Daban and all families severely hit by Tomas like those in Mongouge, ypu are in our prayers. May God open the way ahead for you!

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