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Friday, August 5, 2011



Choiseul will be St. Lucia’s centre of gravity on Sunday, August 7. It is estimated that about 20% of the population of St. Lucia will descend on the La Fargue Playing Field to be part of what is dubbed as Choiseul’s greatest event ever.

Yes, we have had mega-events before – like the first Jounen Kwéyòl, the Art and Craft National festival but Lorne’s Launching is being billed as the mother of all events.

One question is: will it overwhelm the organisers? The answer is definitely no! Choiseul has had some experience in mega-event management even when circumstances were far more challenging! The traffic bottlenecks have been resolved. The “cost-overrun” road to Choiseul from both ends makes traffic a breeze.  

What about parking? Ample parking space is available on the small playing adjacent to large playing field but with one hazard: a couple of deep trenches (perhaps 8-10 feet) have been dug and nobody seems to know why. We can't afford to ignore them and so we will put up the appropriate warning signs (But don’t worry have about that, for if anyone should accidentally walk into those dug traps,  then Lorne a master on matters of indemnity will deal with it).

Lorne is a young man just around 40; perhaps a little younger! But he is a potentially great son of the soil. As one supporter remarked, “Greatness is part of his genealogy”. 

Like the typical Choiseulian, his parents (Mr and Mrs Theophilus) emerged from very humble beginnings and worked their way through to the pinnacle of greatness. We regard them not just as examples and an inspiration, but more so "greats" that paved the way for generations to follow. They have truly helped to shape us in so many ways.

Lorne’s mother, Mrs Lusca Theophilus - also known affectionately as Miss Cox -although sickly will be there to witness this defining Choiseulian moment. She might not have the strength to be there for the entire event; but her determination never flounders – she will be there nonetheless!

A high point will be when Lorne’s father – Mr George Theophilus – introduces his son - incidentally his only son. I can't wait t see that moment.

Lorne’s speech
Up to Press time, Lorne had not given the details of his speech. We can however make a few assumptions.
(1)        He will not descend to “mepwi” and “mové lanng”. These are anathema to Lorne. In fact, throughout his campaign, he has constantly warned his team not to go there. He is a politician with a difference. He elevates discourse.

(2)    Judging from his presentation at the Constituency conference when he announced the launching of “Lime with Lorne”, we believe it a may well be a “graphic tour around the constituency”; a sort of a “part one” culmination of the “Lime with Lorne” house-to-house, group and community consultations wrapped around a thorough and comprehensive vision for Choiseul/Saltibus. He spoke much about “Making Choiseul Great”, so he might well make this theme the centerpiece of his presentation.

(3)        Whatever it is, it will be a “people’s address” to Choiseul and St. Lucia. He has an excellent command of the issues facing the Constituency. Apart from his empirical experiences, he also has it from the people’s mouth. He knows it and he feels it.

Lorne’s launching will not only be enlightenment. It will be a blend of enlightenment and entertainment featuring many of our great calypsonians like our very own (and also Lorne’s cousin), Bingo who will do “Is me job I am protecting”. The Lorne campaign has also produced two campaign songs and we will be débuting both songs live on Sunday. Papa Vader will be the performer of Lorne’s campaign anthem (Lorne Dem Down) and Kakal will perform the other. There will be many other performers.

Get your red T-Shirt and hurry up to la Fargue on Sunday. See you there!


  1. Way to go Lorne We will be there

  2. Lorne all the way!!! i will be there!!!!!!!!! Excited!!!!!!

  3. Cuz wish I could have been there but I will be watching online!!!!!

  4. Way to go zzzzzzzzzzzzzz I supporting u all the way

  5. My heart and soul will be there, even if I'm at work.....UUggggg

  6. What do you think about Lorne's rape case? Is he any better a role model to Bruce Tucker who did what most Saint Lucians do without anyone making an issue with it.

  7. whilst not condoning the alleged incident in anyway at least Lorne has the good sense to admit there was an incident, that he regrets the incident , unlike those people who would hope iot never came to light and then lie about it. To me this shows strength of character rather than the opposite.



    Why don’t you tell Lorne that to his face? Why don’t you go on your UWP platform and say that? Why do you insult St. Lucians by comparing them with Tucker? Tucker’s profession was stealing cars for a living. He went to jail several times for that. Hence, the reason, he change his name to Tucker. As Alva said on Sunday, he didn’t only steal cars, he stole people’s names. That’s why he has 5 different identities. Which St. Lucian has five fraudulent identities.

    Also, look at the fellows who manage tucker’s campaign. At least one of them has a history of child molester when he taught at the Junior sec. Tucker himself has molested under-age girls from the Choiseul Secondary school. One of them is Lorne’s cousin. She will tell her own story during this election.

  9. AA! who is that wild cat "Mr cut and paste"? Boss, I want you to track his IP and see who is he. I suspect he is Tucker going beserk. I understand he is hiding in the Jertrine Bush!

    Lorne is a great man and I love him! Didn't you listen to his father on Sunday. To this day, he is clean. and yo will never see him getting convicted or going to jail.