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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


These days, there is a new type of politics in the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency; and it’s aimed at mobilizing the youth vote for Tucker through “Barbeques” for the youth. It is referred to as “Barbeque politics”.

Two weeks ago, a “massive” political Barbeque targeting the youth was organized on the grounds of the Tucker’s constituency office. Well, it flopped and flopped miserably! Last weekend, another one was organized again and it too flopped. The reason for the “double flop”: extremely poor attendance.

One of the male participants described the political BBQ as a “pathetic event” for two major reasons.

Firstly, he claimed that it was “really poorly organized and really poorly attended”; there were lots of Barbeque, lots of eats and drinks but very few people. 

The question is: who and what is to be blamed for that? Should we blame the youth group? Absolutely No! The kids are innocent and are more or less sacrificial lambs for Tucker’s slaughter. Will you blame the poor attendance as a sign of Tucker’s failing campaign? Is it that his paid operatives masquerading as “Ambassadors for youth mobilization” are failing? Well, that may well be the case!

The second reason relates to the “non-blessing” of the Barbeque by Tucker. Forget his bravado – Tucker realizes what he’s up against and perhaps he appreciates the troubles around him much better than his “educated group” of underground campaigners. 

In the scheme of things, two scenarios are likely: either the political barbeque didn’t have the blessing of the MP; or he was extremely angered by its failure.

Whichever it was, he walked in and out of the event fuming with anger and disappointment.

We have since learned from an inside source that the “Barbeque Politics” is the brainchild of one of the “Tucker-Flies” and that he may not have consulted adequately with Mr Tucker. One participant told the PowerHouse that “it was as if he wanted to kick us out of his yard, and some of the youth felt bad!”

Tucker left immediately after his explosive outburst; not even engaging the organizers/participants.

He returned a couple of hours later with a female companion but reclined upstairs into his domicile.

Parents who are concerned about instilling moral values into their youth and who may have youth who take part in those “political barbeque experiment” should be advised to exercise caution.


  1. I a proud Choiseulian and I not hungry, so I don't need "Chicken & rum" from the Tucker Flies.

  2. Barbeque politics is a version of "chicken and rum" politics. The Mighty Gabby of Barbados did a song about it. BBQ politics are popular among desperate politicians with no respect for humanity. I understand Rufus Bousquet trying it in Choiseul politics because of his desperation; but it is bad example for the youth.

    Also don't forget he has criminal background and will be comfortable with anything criminal!

  3. I hope the Flambeau does not barbeque our youth. Remember what happened to Manistace from Upper Reunion? Was his meat mixed in the BarBQ?

    I hope one of the youth does not go missing like Manistace. Parents, watch your youth!