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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Indeed! Not all rumour is false. There were rumours that the Grynberg matter had so overwhelmed its orchestrators that they were busy seeking external help on how to get out of it; and this turned out to be true!

Government has brought in a "high-powered legal advisor" to advise it on the vaunted Grynberg matter. As I understand it, the press was invited to a debriefing. Unfortunately, there was nothing new except that King categorically denied the claim that he signed the Grynberg Agreement. Perhaps Bryan King advised him to do so.

Here's a summary of what transpired this morning:
(1) King read a very long and well-prepared chronology on the Grynberg pseudo-matter.
(2) The AG said he was still looking into possible breaches of the Mineral (Vesting) Act by the former PM. it's a few months now since he has been doing so. I hope, he understands that the Grynberg Agreement was between Government and a private company; and that the GG is not authorised to participate in those types of transactions. Bryan King  - who the Gov't claims is a legal expert on matters related energy and international arbitration - was very circumspect claiming lawyer-client privileges.  He only revealed that he was laying the groundwork for international arbitration.

Now, let’s forget about the melodramatic conspiracy that Rick, Richard and Doddy are seeking to manufacture behind the scenes designed to market the waning Star Newspaper. Let us instead focus on a number of emerging relevant questions and issues.

Questions and issues such as:
(1)        Why not simply charge Kenny if he has done something wrong?
(2)        Why waste a whopping $5 million dollars of taxpayers’ money in a senseless publicity stunt on Grynberg?
(3)        Is the Attorney General helpless as the government’s legal counsel? Is he openly admitting that he is incompetent and unfit for the job? Remember, his predecessors - Petrus Compton and La Corbiniere - did their work with efficacy and professionalism.
(4)        Is this a stunt designed to give Rufus Bousquet’s criminality a measure of respite and legitimacy?
(5)        Are those legal gurus - advising the government on Grynberg - part of the mind-bending SCL network? If they are bona fide legal US-based legal practitioners, then shouldn’t they be more concerned with Richard Frederick and Rufus Bousquet and report them to the State department?

Please tune in to the “Red Zone” on RCI tonight for real answers from Anthony Estaphan and Claudius Francis.

Also stay tune to the PowerHouse for an exclusive on the Grynberg matter coming up this weekend.


  1. Tonight in the RED ZONE @ 8 PM, it will be fire and brimstone. Richard ran away from Man Claudius but will he escape Claudius's Suplex tonight! I hope it will be shown that Grynberg is a red herring to divert Taxpayers money to the UWP campaign. King can't call elections yet because he hasn't got any money yet. A lot of the funds channeled into Grynberg will be monies going into the UWP campaign.

  2. Editor, did you have inside information? "In the Red Zone" turned to be exactly what you predicted. It was educational. We should be having Mr Astaphan and Claudius more often. Can't we have it every weekday like Newspin? For one, it has greater quality and objectivity than Newspin. Mr Dolor, you must Tim how to moderate/manage a Talk show. I can't wait for next Tuesday. By the way, it's time to bring PM King, or Richard or Tucker. Let the intellectuals who call "In the Red Zone" put dem rascals under the microscope on the Grynberg matter! By the way, I must applaud Kenny for his performance on Tuesday.

  3. I don't usually call Talkshows because I'm appalled by the quality of the moderation. But if Richard or King enters the red zone, i will call to quiz them. They need to be quizzed in an environment that allow free discussion. I believe the debate will continue on Straight Up later today. I also believe that Richard will pick it up on his paid programme. BTW, Veronica Barnard must watch herself, even if she is being paid by Richard. She is compromising he feminine credibility. She sounds firebrand but her lattitude for honest and free is severely circumscribed by Richard's machinations!