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Monday, August 8, 2011


Madam Chairman singing the National Anthem

The indomitable Morros Faucher delivered an Address

Tennyson shares a moment

Our girls about to go on stage for a performance

Mrs Minvielle delivers an address

What a crowd!

The candidates

Hon Dalson throws it down.

Some of the local contingent

The crowd again

More of the crowd

The crowd gets even bigger!

Meshack performs!

Hon Phillip J. Pierre delivers an address

Bingo sings "Is me Job I'm protecting"

Papa Vada singing "Stay in your section"

Lorne makes his way!

Furior Sings "Rise"!


  1. My God this was the best launching ever. There was just an outburst of energy. I enjoyed every bit. Lorne's speech deserves a special commendation. This is a true man. He never ran away from the fact the no one is perfect. He admitted that he may have imperfections, but ask the electorate to accept him with all his imperfections. It takes a real man to do this. The performances were great. Hats off to the coordinator of the skit and also the choreographer of the cultural piece by "wowo" our very own icon who passed away. I think Lorne's launching has set the precedence for labour to energize its election train on its road to victory.

  2. This launching was a stupendous success. Lorne deserved it, after all the hard work, committment and dedication he has displayed in the constituency, especially during the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas. I have no doubt that when elected, he will continue to uphold the legacy of good community service, that his mum and dad have etched throughout the length and breadth of Choiseul/Saltibus.

  3. What do you think about Lorne's rape case? Is he any better a role model to Bruce Tucker who did what most Saint Lucians do without anyone making an issue with it.