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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I sometimes believe that King and his men have condemned themselves not only to DEFEAT AT THE POLLS but more so to “DEATH”. It is clear that the motley crew which we call “government” is irretrievably divided down the middle and has no vision for the way forward.

That status quo is compounded further by their selection of candidates which leaves us with the impression that they are not serious about governing the country.

Let’s take a look at their line-up. Firstly, our government is headed by a “Lame duck” PM who is incapable of providing the country with economic and political leadership during a critical period. On the contrary, our PM is being manipulated and kicked around by his “lesser’ Cabinet colleagues, as if they are playing soccer with his mind and body.

Consider Grynberg, for example. Richard and even Doddy have been “kicking and tossing” the Prime Minister of the country in all directions, and he simply takes it as part of his job description. Bingo’s “Is me job I am protecting” captures the scenario perfectly.

Consider secondly, the composition of the team King is presenting to the electorate. In that mix, there are convicts/criminals [Rufus Bousquet]; offenders of the law [Richard & Mr Tuxedo for Customs fraud and Estaphane for traffic offence] etc. In fact, the Appellate court ruled that the entire Cabinet of Ministers are culpable for approving a duty-free waiver for one of their colleague Ministers. As the US state department reported:

“In June the appellate court ruled that actions taken in 2009 by the attorney general and other cabinet members to approve a duty-free waiver for a colleague were unlawful, unreasonable, irrational, and made in bad faith. The court ruling accused the cabinet members of being involved in a cover up of fraud and corruption”

The Appeals Court judgment also ruled that the Minister for Tourism was a liar “of the highest order” and rendered him unfit for public office.

But was that the worst? Oh no! We entered the Guinness book of records for corruption when we allowed Richard Frederick to continue being a Member of the government which he has taken to court.

We entered the Guinness Book of Record a second time when King lied about signing the Grynberg Agreement. Micah George of the Voice newspaper puts it well when he wrote: ”It is one thing to say that someone who once held the position you [PM King] now hold acted imprudently, unwisely or thoughtlessly and is not fit to hold that position [of PM] again as a result of the Grynberg Affair. It is quite a different story all together when it turns out that you did the very same thing, committed the same act the former holder of that position committed, for which he is now being raked over the fire”.

The never-ending tragi-comedy was due to continue today [Sunday, august 21] in the Southern town of Vieux Fort when King was supposed to launch three puppets in the persons of Nancy Charles (for VF North), Karl Daniel (for VF South) and Herricks “Watcha” Renee for Laborie.

Their intention was to match the record turnout (an estimated 25,000 – 30,000) at Lorne’s Launching; but Irene chased them but she never passed.

So the burial ceremony  for the three sacrificial lambs - like most other Flambeau functions - has been put off. Is it a signal from God?


  1. Can you start telling the youth of Choiseul and St.Lucia of the REALISTIC PLANS for the constituency and Island as we face and will countinue to face increasing economic pressures.

    I have had enough of stale and repetitive news about the UWP. I know it all but this continuous bashing is not doing Lorne any good. Tell us how you will alleviate the suffering of all concerned. Plans for education,jobs, restoring pride both at home and abroad.

    Thank you.

  2. I can see that you didn't attend Lornes launch. He laid down a comprehensive vision and plan for Choiseul. Tucker has presented nothing.anyway,his criminality must be exposed. It must be an issue.

  3. you should share that advice with rick Wayne and tucker himself.rick especially has been blasting Kenny for years. Why don't you ask him to stop? Why don't you ask Tucker to stop his criminal behaviour?

  4. The POWerhouse is not the government. Why don't you direct your remarks to the government? Why Don't you ask Richard to stop harassing Kenny?

  5. As a supporter of Lorne I was asking of the vision that the SLP has for Choiseul and St.Lucia. I wasn't able to be at the Launch but believe me I sat through the whole event. I am not interested in who is harrassing who. I am a St.Lucian who wants the best for my island.

    Choiseulians and St.Lucians need educating not the usual politricks to keep them in the dark.

  6. Mr. Anonymous here must be deaf & blind or dumb;Then again maybe all three. Lorne's speech at the launching answered all the questions and was also being streamed on the internet. Whatever forum was used to get the information would have still brought answers to the questions being asked by Mr. Anonymous.

    We can't run away from the fact that Rufus is an ex-convict operating in an environment decorated with corrupt practices. This Mr. Anonymous couldn't be from Choiseul because Rufus has done nothing for the education system and unemployment problem in Choiseul. In fact he has been hurting the pride of US Choiseulians.

    Come to Choiseul or to terms with reality and you'll understand why I perceive you to be dumb, deaf and blind Mr. Anonymous.