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Monday, May 21, 2012


Will Dr Gale Rigobert soon be the New UWP Leader? Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Flambeau executive has resigned en masse, and Dr Gale Rigobert (Micoud North MP) has been appointed as interim leader.

Apparently, there is mass disenchantment within the ranks of the Opposition Party and it is believed that this enchantment has its roots in what is dubbed as "the current ineffectual leadership" which never seems to be "getting it right".

The latest blow to the party's credibility was an “unproportioned” king-sized embarrassment brought to bear on the party and nation by its very own leader during the recently-concluded 2012 House of Assembly budget debate. King (Leader of opposition) demonstrated a bungling inefficiency in managing the fallout from the falsely proclaimed 4.4% growth which he - so vociferously and vaingloriously - touted about during the last election campaign. 

The Leader of the Opposition went on to flay the Director of Statistics and went as far as to call for his dismissal - a position that the PM Anthony did not share. In fact, the PM during his rebuttal called on King to apologise to the director!
On the ground of that dishonesty alone, I agree with the UWP to excommunicate King from the leadership of the party.

I hope Dr Rigobert will eventually be confirmed as the new leader. She deserves it!

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