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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It may be raw speculation and I'm disinclined to believe it; but I must hasten to admit that it has all the hallmarks of a "work-in-progress"!

As I drove in the vicinity of the Old Boys’ School in Reunion, Choiseul on Sunday afternoon, I noticed a size-able gathering of what appeared to be a group of high profile UWP supporters converged in the yard.

Naturally, I became curious! “What could it be?” I asked.  Could it be a post-mortem of the last elections? Could it be the formal termination of the Bruce Tucker era for Choiseul/Saltibus? Or could it be the passing of the baton to a new or caretaker candidate? 

Insofar as the installation of a new or caretaker candidate is concerned and unlike previous years where little attention was given to “quality”, I must admit that some big and credible names are being thrown up into the air, including the general manager of a financial institution, a social worker, an educator in very good standing, a young and bright academic (with a PhD) and two lawyers!

Well . . . my speculations were not completely farfetched, as I was (subsequently) reliably informed that the meeting was indeed a secret UWP meeting and its purpose, among other thing things, was to “identify” a UWP candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus for the next general elections whenever it becomes due.

According to a highly confidential source, one of the names put on the table was Sir Dwight Venner. On condition of anonymity, the source revealed the party was considering nominating him to be a candidate for either Choiseul/Saltibus or Central Castries and ultimately to assume the leadership of the UWP.

The POWERHOUSE is in no position to validate those “disclosures” and we cannot attest to their veracity. Hence, we wish to tread carefully, especially that Sir Dwight is a reputable regional civil servant of the highest rank! He is the governor of the East Caribbean Central Bank!

Should those disclosures have any element of truth in them, then only time will tell! To be fair to Sir Dwight, we do not even know that he has been approached and that he has any knowledge of what is purported to be going on behind UWP closed doors; so, on that basis, we are not prepared to make any assumption.

One thing though, my source informed me that the meeting on Sunday was full of energy and it ended on a very high note.

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