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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Will the Black President have a second term in the White House?

Although the latest opinion polls suggest a close fight between Barack Obama and his rival Mitt Romney, both Democrats and Republicans have claimed victory ahead of today’s elections.

The latest Washington Post-ABC tracking poll released yesterday gave Obama (50%) a three point lead over Romney (57%); but it is still within the margin of statistical error.

The poll also finds that Obama remains the favorite, with 55% of voters saying that he will win. Only 35% believe Romney will win.

However, CNN and the other major news networks believe that the polls are too close to call.

My own opinion is Obama will be hard to beat, especially by someone like Romney whose positions on the critical issues continue to remain nebulous, perhaps deliberately so. If Romney’s positions were half as clear, fixed and honest as president Obama’s, then he would have been vanquished a long time ago. His campaign consisted of mostly sloganeering! 

Secondly, (and perhaps the only clarity about his campaign is) he favours the rich and wants to return to the Bush policies which were the main precipitant of America’s economic decrement. And perhaps most importantly, Romney has not been honest and transparent with the American people by his unwillingness to make full disclosure about his taxes.

My own view is Romney may have disqualified himself, with only his PR bonanza keeping him afloat! Why would Americans want to elect a man who is so inconsistent, who flip-flops so much like Romney to be the president of the world’s greatest superpower?

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