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Monday, January 25, 2016



It is not the intention of The PowerHouse to be overcritical of the mainstream media (press?); yet, I am of the view that the St. Lucian press is not known for proactivity. I can't recall of many instances where our local press (or political pundits who have found their way therein like the omniscient Mr Springer) attempting to make a meaningful and structured and evidence-based prediction on the contents or direction of a major address to the nation. What invariably seem to happen are retroactive and degenerative bombardments generally saturated with misguided and hate-inspired content on Talkshows and social media patently lacking in structure, rationality and objectivity in the name of analysis.

If the press is bad in that respect, then the politicians are worse and -  perhaps “worserer”! Except this time around (as far as I recall) for the leader of the LPM who demonstrated a measure of proactivity by specifying some of his expectations (albeit with his characteristic intellectual flatness), other “politicians” and especially those from main opposition were deafeningly mute.

Our expectation is the main opposition party blessed with talents and experts like Dr Rigobert (international relations) and Dr Preville (Economics) would throw out some “advanced organizers” designed to constructively stimulate our thought processes on what to expect and against which to measure the PMs address instead of the vacuous and linear ranting and raving about it.

The PowerHouse will attempt to a little bit of “unscientific prediction“ to fill in that gap, albeit  with SOME reference to Choiseul.

Tonight, I expect the PM to address the nation on the following: Government’s performance, projections for the 2016/17, Citizen by Investment programme (CIP), IMPACS and a host of issues of a general nature.


The performance scorecard wouldn't be a particularly impressive one. It may well turn out to be like Stephenson King’s scorecard largely punctuated by impressive “Ti Canal-like” community projects but there have also been significant projects. In Choiseul for example, the Balca Road, the Fiette Road, the massive Tete Morne to drainage project and the Darban Road. On the national level, the roads and bridges undertaken island wide are also worthy of mention. Government’s fiscal management of our scarce resources as well as the industrial relations climate also deserve commendation. However, with limited foreign direct and private sector investment, economic growth also remained limited. However, I expect the PM to take much credit for stabilizing the economy in difficult times and of course the whipping boy – rightly or wrongly - will be the global recession. Whatever spin he puts on it, I will be inclined to rate his performance with a B+ for his attempts to return the economy on a path of growth for the fiscal year 2014/15.

I expect the PM to score most of his points on his projections. The fact that we have returned to growth would give him the license to do so. In addition, we have entered into an election year and I expect a proliferation of projects in the pipeline. When we add those to what have already “matured” to include the Owen King New National Hospital, the St. Jude's Hospital, the proposed 4-lane Highway (from Gros Islet to Dennery) and a host of other infrastructural projects, the list looks potentially impressive.

I hope he take the opportunity to make a definitive pronouncement on the Juffali Scientific Research Centre which I suspect Mr Chastanet’s peripatetic negativity and shortsightedness may have poured an avalanche of cold water on; and which may well turn out to be in jeopardy.

Speculations, precipitated by a buzz of activities happening around Sab Wisha Beach in Choiseul, are rife about a potentially a new hotel project there. Invest St. Lucia Inc. has already served notice on the lessee of sections of the property to vacate. A consultant is said to be currently designing the electrical infrastructure for there and it is understood that environmental and social impact assessment have been commissioned for that purpose of the construction of the hotel. In addition, the property is currently being surveyed and there is word that the road will be re-diverted to facilitate the hotel project.

There is widespread speculation that proposed hotel project will be a joint venture between an American expatriate and potential CIP investors. If this is true, and if it is opportune to do so, would the PM deem it fitting and timely to give us a hint. Meanwhile, Choiseul continues to wait with baited breath for the outcome.

I look forward to the PM to give us a synopsis on the status of the CIP and exactly where we are with it.

On the Juffali matter, I also expect the PM to put the issue to rest for once and for all.

The misconceptions abound about IMPACS seemingly among the rank and file of the police force and the public at large, it's high time that the matter be brought to a fair and transparent conclusion. In that regard, I expect the pm to be very specific about the way forward perhaps specifying target dates and mechanisms. We can't afford to have that sword of Damocles hanging over our head indefinitely. It's not good for our international reputation. We can't be perceived by the international community to be a nation where alleged extra-judicial killings are orchestrated and tolerated.

I expect the PM to offer a strong rebuttal to some of the misplaced positions propagated by the opposition and the press.

By no means do I look forward to any degree of consensus on Kenny’s Address to the nation; but I expect it to be a transparent, honest and enlightening conversation with the nation. Naturally and given the trends of the past, I do expect the predictable disjointed and instantaneous “un-prime ministerial” rebuttal from the UWP leader as opposed to presenting his own global policy-laden address specifying policy alternatives.

I look forward to the PM’s address to the nation tonight just as I look forward to the general feedback to it.

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