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Friday, June 3, 2016


At the consultative “LIME WITH LORNE FORUM” which was convened in May, 2011 and chaired by distinguished academic Dr Augustin Charles, the following broad framework was formulated for the development of Choiseul/Saltibus. The framework formed the core of Lorne's presentation during his launching in August 2011.

At that forum which was represented by various stakeholders, “Team Lorne” proposed three Decade Plans; each decade plan represents a quantum leap in the Development of Choiseul/Saltibus.

1ST DECADE PLAN (1997 – 2006)
2ND DECADE PLAN: (2007 – 2017)
3RD DECADE PLAN: (2018– 2028)

In this PowerHouse publication, the First and Second Decade Plans are presented.  The Third Decade Plan is the most exciting and will be published separately.

Historically, our approach to the development of Choiseul has generally been piecemeal and without a vision; this time we want to develop a long term, integrated plan for Choiseul; We are proud of the work done by the Labour Party from 1997 – 2006 in that regard, which we will refer to as the First Decade Plan. During that period, Choiseul went through a significant transformation in the development of infrastructure. Prior to that period, Choiseul was St. Lucia’s “Black Development Hole”: The Roads were in a deplorable condition; but today we have a state of the art highway, and an excellent tertiary roads network. The Labour party also during the First Decade Plan put in Telecom infrastructure, understanding the role of that infrastructure in development. Rural electrification is now district-wide. Not only does every home have access to electricity but based our street lighting programme, we provided street lamps in every nook and cranny of the district.  . . . In short in our First Decade Plan, we laid down the infrastructure for the development of Choiseul.


A review of Labour’s achievements in previous 10 years in Choiseul which we hope the electorate will use that as a basis for making its decision includes the following:

Choiseul experienced a great leap in development of infrastructure:
(1)       Road infrastructure/network (RDP, TRRP, Morne Sion, Dugard), Bridges (River Doree & Piaye)
(2)       Village Upgrade; Choiseul Fisheries upgrade, Coastal Protection for Choiseul Village
(3)       Education: Piaye Secondary, Choiseul Secondary Upgrade; Primary Schools upgrade
(4)       Health & Sanitation: Garbage collection/disposal services throughout the Constituency
(5)       Communication Infrastructure (Telephone, Liberalisation of TELECOM, Broadband, Cable Television)
(6)       Public Utilities (Rural Electrification, Water sub-projects in Saltibus, Distribution of water from Delcer source to consumers in Piaye, Balca)
(7)       Elimination of Extreme Poverty/Indigence (Choiseul has negligible indigence)

2ND DECADE PLAN: THE QUANTUM LEAP FORWARD (Continuation of the 1st plan and new initiatives)

In our Second Decade Plan, we will take the next “Quantum Leap Forward” in development, we will continue the unfinished business of the First Plan and introduce major new initiatives to continue our march to achieving our full potential to greatness so that our children and grandchildren will be proud of us.

(1)                Health Care: Universal health care as well as easy access to health services. We will bring quality health to every citizen. While doing this, we will also focus on wellness. Through UHC, we will provide free and quality attention to the sick while placing strong emphasis on healthy lifestyles.

(2)               Education
(a)        Digital library; we will modernize our district and community libraries to make them more relevant, attractive and user-friendly by integrating digital and multi-media facilities/capabilities. To this end, we will also develop the capabilities of the Centre of Excellence so that it can interface with the libraries to develop multimedia productions for use by our students and parents alike.
(b)        Upgrade of Education Infrastructure;
(c) Community Internet Resource Centres.
(d)        Skills training/productivity enhancement training

(3)               Economic activity/Employment (reduce poverty by 50%)

(a)        A Hotel project at Sabwisha
(b)   Heritage tourism
(c)        STEP (Short Term Employment Programme)
(d) Art/Craft development programmes (in collaboration with the Choiseul Development Foundation and other key stakeholders like CATCH) to bring about a paradigm shift in Art & Craft technology. We regard Art and Craft as a technology, because it is concerned with invention. Over time, we had made much progress; but we must develop that technology further. As a means to achieving this end, we will provide support & resources designed to stimulate and encourage product development through science and technology. In keeping with our focus on education, we will establish a National Art & Craft Institute located in Choiseul where persons across St. Lucia (and perhaps beyond) and in particularly in Choiseul can study and carry out Research & Development in Art and Craft. We hope that by the Third Decade, through our R&D, we would have made a major paradigm-shift in the technology.

(4)               Infrastructure (cont’d)
(a)        Construction of a Landing facility (with Craft/exhibition outlets) in Choiseul village predominantly to attract visitors by sea.
(b)        Electrification of Sabwisha Beach Park
(c) Derek Walcott Resource & Recreation/Relaxation Centre/Facility (at Sabwisha) with conferencing facilities for conduct of workshops/conferences etc:
(d)        Viewing points, "Gateways", rest stops, lay-bys etc at strategic locations in Choiseul to facilitate the integration of the tourism product at the community level and to spread the Tourism dollar

(5)               Public Utilities:
(a)        Upgrade of Water Supply to Mongouge, Cafeiere/Dugard, Balca, Piaye etc.

(6)               Social transformation
(a)        Community renewal as a strategy for social transformation;
(b)        Vulnerability reduction/social protection: Care of the elderly, disabled & poor;
(c) Youth policy & initiatives to strengthen existing youth institutions and to explore and develop youth talent/potential (“DJ” institute, debating societies); local employment bureau/agency to identify and provide job opportunities to the unemployed youth;
(d)        Cultural empowerment: support & promotion of La Rose, La Marguerite, local carnival and other cultural festivals with a view to generate economic activity; perhaps the establishment of a cultural/human resource centre for cultural awareness and development
(7)                Sports:
(a)        Major Sporting facilities at La Fargue (Change Rooms), Saltibus, Jetrine, Piaye and other communities.

(8)               Disaster preparedness:
(a)        A dynamic disaster preparedness plan for Choiseul/Saltibus with functional disaster committees and sub-committees in every community (with each community having its own Standard Operating Procedure).
(b)        Procurement of disaster communication equipment including at least 2 satellite phones (One assigned to Saltibus; one assigned to Choiseul Village)
(c) The Choiseul Landing Facility will form an integral part of our disaster preparedness network, serving as a Ferry hub to transport/evacuate people/supplies/equipment should that become necessary.

(9)               Communication:
(a)        Community Radio Broadcasting (CRB) Service (Choiseul FM): Currently, we have a disorganized CRB System in certain parts of the constituency.  Whilst those projects are commendable, they fall short of the standard for an effective CRB service. The SLP Government will facilitate the establishment a proper CRB service for Choiseul Saltibus and environs for dissemination of community information with respect to news about disasters, education, health, community events etc.


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