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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tropical Storm Ophelia is now raging over the Atlantic and it has gained some significant strength in fairly quick time. It is now pumping wind of 65 mph, gusting up to 80 mph (which is quite close to what we felt during the passage of Tomas)

Ophelia's Current Status

Status                    :               Tropical Storm
Position                :               13.4° N, 47° W
Winds                    :               65 mph
Gusts                     :               80 mph
Movement            :               W 15 mph
Pressure               :               29.53 in / 1000 mb

 It is currently located about 1,000 miles to the East of the Lesser Antilles. Its current speed is 15 mph. Forecasters predict that the centre of Ophelia will pass to the North of the Leeward Islands on Saturday (perhaps between 10 am to 1 pm midday). However, it should start affecting us much earlier; perhaps Friday evening to early Saturday morning.

Its forward movement is towards the West (275 degrees); but it is expected to take a turn towards the north as it approaches the Lesser Antilles.

Tropical storm force winds extend outwards up to 230 miles; hence, if the centre were to pass over Antigua (18 degrees N), then tropical storm force winds would likely affect us. However, forecasters predict Ophelia will pass to the north of Antigua; if this is the case, we may experience occasionally strong gusty winds.

Even if Ophelia never reaches hurricane status, gusty winds and drenching bands of rain will accompany the tropical storm along its path.

Rough surf is another concern from Ophelia.

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