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Monday, November 29, 2010


Even before his election to office, Lorne continues to make a profound impact on the lives of the constituents of Choiseul/Saltibus. Several communities were toured over the weekend and the response to the young SLP hopeful continued to be overwhelmingly encouraging

Yesterday, Lorne visited several hurricane victims as part of his continuing systematic damage assessment of the constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus.  In keeping with his humanitarian nature, he donated a quantity of construction materials towards the reconstruction of a seriously ravaged home in the Mongouge area. The depressed victim complained that since after the passage of the storm, she hadn’t been afforded ,at least, one courtesy visit from the local or national authorities to inquire about the substantial damage she suffered from the storm.

Meanwhile during one of Lorne’s tours around the constituency, several structural and design issues regarding the Taiwanese footpaths were noteworthy. For example, multiple signs of structural failure and design flaws were evident along the recently constructed Morne Sion footpath. In addition to the many noticeable cracks, the poor project design criteria were glaring, resulting in substantial run-off across the footpath surface and into the yards of some residents. This happened because the elevation of the drain at some points was higher than slanted road surface. Similar design flaws - which resulted in sporadic slippages - have also been reported for Ravineau.

The possibility of redress for the affected victims is almost non-existent, because of the fact that the project funds did not come from the consolidated fund; hence, government is not legally responsible for any liability resulting therefrom.

Meanwhile, the claim by Mr Chou and government officials that the village council is the implementing agency for those Taiwanese projects is being strongly disputed by sources close to the council. The sources informed the Powerhouse that the implementation and management of Taiwanese projects are solely under the jurisdiction of the parliamentary representative.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Rufus was born on November 28, 1958. So he celebrates his 52nd birthday today and the PowerHouse wishes him “Happy Birthday”!

Unfortunately, he celebrates his 52nd Birthday with a huge dark cloud of "quadruple identity" hanging over his head.

Records from the Registry reveal that he was christened Rufus George Cenac - a name he kept until on the 28 February, 1989, when he changed it (by deed poll) to Joseph Michael Donald (JMD) Bousquet 2nd

He had a third name change to Rufus George Bousquet on the February 02, 2000. Hence, the Rufus Bousquet who won the Choiseul/Saltibus Seat in 1992 never existed until February 18, 2000. 

The questions therefore are: Are there legal implications and redress? Should Evans Calderon pursue the matter retroactively in a court of law and what would be the penalties? Is winning an election under a false identity an indictable offence? And will Rufus be indicted? Time will tell!

In his lifetime, Rufus has had four known names: Rufus George Cenac, Bruce tucker, Joseph Michael Donald (JMD) Bousquet 2nd, and Rufus George Bousquet. What would prompt an honourable man to have so many identities? What is the rationale? Should someone with a quadruple identity be a parliamentary rep and a country's foreign minister?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Blatant Act of Bad Manners

Lately, Choiseulians have been voicing alarm about the spate of bad manners displayed by their district rep.

Apparently, the virus has caught up with the hierarchy of the Government. Take for example the issue of distribution of relief supplies for which Ministers of Government have unethically  self-appointed themselves as guardians, obviously for the sinister purpose of callously denying non-supporters. 

I heard the Minister of Housing on the airwaves fulminating about allegations leveled against him in that regard; and the manner in which he went on to defend himself on Radio St. Lucia was grossly inappropriate and un-befitting of a Minister of Government.

But what really "caught my ear" was a news item on Radio St. Lucia where Hon Dalson suggested that even the Prime Minister was blatantly involved in those acts too, when he took CARICOM's Secretary-general, His Excellency, Sir Edwin Carrington on a site visit to Soufriere and Fond St. Jacques this week and didn't have the courtesy to inform the district rep.

But what was more disturbing was the Press Secretary's response to Hon Dalson's legitimate position, which the former regrettably dismissed as a desire for a photo shoot by the latter.

Altercation between Politician and Young Man?

You will hardly miss the news if you live in Choiseul, especially the Village.

Allegations are rife that a certain politician had a freak altercation with a constituent. Sources close the PowerHouse reported that the politician was en route to the Choiseul River apparently to collect water for distribution to his constituency when a young man allegedly cracked a joke with him. He took offense and physically attacked the young man who allegedly struck back. The result was a brief altercation between them.

It's amazing how some of our leaders who hold high office are "loosing it". Lately, one of the candidates for Choiseul/Saltibus constituency seem to have become excessively and inexplicably aggressive. Constituents are puzzled by this "seemingly charismatic" politician's behaviour whose campaign has gone to the point of attacks even on honorable and respected citizens of the constituency.

Choiseulians are going through a process of "political enlightenment" and "disillusionment". They are beginning to see the wolf in sheep's clothing; and this seems to be having a telling impact on the faculties of fraudulent politicians even to the point of causing violence.

The PowerHouse is investigating the altercation story.

Monday, November 22, 2010



As Saint Lucians continue to suffer immense discomfort and dislocation from the ravages of Hurricane Tomas, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling upon Prime Minister Stephenson King to address the nation and provide his Government’s plans to guide the country’s recovery in the aftermath of the hurricane. The Party is concerned about the conspicuous silence of the Government on its plans to restore Saint Lucia to normalcy. Interviews by the Prime Minister and other Ministers to date, have given no clear indication of how the Government plans to guide our country’s recovery.

Citizens in the worst hit areas, like Soufriere, Fond St. Jacques, Bexon, Marc, Guesneau and others must be provided with the comfort that there is a plan which will relieve them of their extreme anxieties, which are made worst at the first sign of rain. Whereas the efforts of Disaster Preparedness Committees must be applauded, it is the Government which must articulate a clear direction which will help reduce the fear which has gripped people in so many areas of the country.

The SLP notes that almost three (3) weeks after the hurricane, the Government has not explained precisely how it intends to assist Saint Lucians to recover from the damages inflicted upon them. The battered farmers whose fields were totally destroyed have no clear indication of how Government plans to assist them. Allegedly, five million dollars ($5 million) has been provided to the sector by the Taiwanese, but that sum is woefully inadequate to address the needs of farmers.

When Hurricane Tomas struck, the Saint Lucian economy was in recession with no clear prospects for a return to growth. With the damage caused by the hurricane, the economy is likely to experience even greater difficulty, demanding progressive and carefully considered interventions. Furthermore, in the face of the need to mobilse resources to repair the island’s severely damaged infrastructure including roads, bridges and drains, the Government must clarify whether it still proposes to spend another EC $60 million on the Daher Building and over EC $400 million on the Hewanorra Airport Redevelopment Project.

Confusion continues to abound over the cost of the damage inflicted on Saint Lucia by Hurricane Tomas. Initially, the Prime Minister indicated that repairs would cost EC $100 million, but soon after that figure was changed to US $500 million or over 13 times the original estimate. Incredibly, we are now being told that the World Bank is the best authority to determine that figure because we do not have the “scientific expertise” to do so

The people of Saint Lucia need to be told very soon, precisely how the Government intends to resolve their woes and predicament.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Mr Jerome Eugene (proprietor of Kell’s Mini Mart) received a surprised, but a most welcomed visit from Mr Lorne Theophilus on Saturday morning. Mr Eugene was presented with a token of appreciation from Mr Theophilus for his long outstanding and meritorious service to the Mongouge Community and environs and also to the Saint Lucia Labour Party.  Mr Eugene has been operating his community business ever since he was young man and he has always provided a range of basic services to the community. Mr Eugene is a fine example of a self-made entrepreneur who we hope will be an inspiration to our young men and women in our community.

HIP! HIP! HOORAY to Mr Eugene and May God bless him with long life, health and happiness.

Water Crisis in Choiseul Takes an Unexpected "Dirty" Twist!

It’s looking bad for Choiseul. Reports reaching the PowerHouse indicate that the district representative - Hon Rufus Bousquet - is depriving vulnerable, helpless persons of much needed drinking water. One sickly gentleman from Christian Hill told a Powerhouse reporter that he felt “ashamed by the treatment he got from the district rep” who literally “humiliated him” when he sought some drinking bottled water from him. 

Another elderly lady from La Fargue also felt hurt when she too “got a hoff” from the district rep when she requested a bottle of drinking water from him. 

But the story does not end here.  A top supporter of Hon Rufus Bousquet reportedly suffered the worst fate when she tried to procure some water on behalf of her Mom. The district rep did not only snub her, but also unceremoniously “drove out on her” and almost caused bodily injury to the lady.

The Powerhouse is saddened by the sequence of events. We do not believe the people of Choiseul/Saltibus deserve that treatment especially from a district rep who holds the esteemed portfolio of Foreign Affairs Minister.

The Powerhouse is investigating those allegations; and if they are found to be true will, among other things, call on the district rep – who is the Minister for Foreign Affairs - to act more judiciously and responsibly in the distribution of water to his constituents.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Water takes up over 70% of the earth's surface; however, only 1% is available as freshwater. Over one billion people lack access to safe water. Water-related diseases result in over five million deaths every year, most of them children.

Goal 7 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) calls on governments to "halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation". 

Water is now recognized as a human right, and every government has an obligation to fulfill every individual’s rights to safe drinking water. It is believed that provision of safe water - and sanitation - is the key to human and economic development in underdeveloped communities.

Research worldwide shows that poor access to water condemns women and children to spend hours in water collection - time that could instead be spent for income generation and education, especially for female children.
The problem looks so serious that the UN has proclaimed the period 2005-2015 to be International decade for Action - Water is Life - the aim being to emphasize the urgency for achieving the water and sanitation targets.

It is against the background of the above the Mr Lorne Theophilus is very concerned about the prevailing water crisis in St. Lucia and specifically in Choiseul. He wants to ensure that the vulnerable (especially children and the elderly) has access to a safe supply of drinking water; and for that purpose, Mr Theophilus has procured a supply of bottled water for distribution to them. The water will be distributed on November 19 and 20 to the needy of Choiseul and Saltibus.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another freak weather system

Just when we thought it was all over, suddenly and out of the blue came a freak weather system from nowhere. That system - just like Tomas - was largely undetected until it hit us. The weathermen say it is the result of a surface trough accompanied by moderate and heaver shower activity, thunderstorm and occasional gusty winds.

Apparently, this weather system has been with us since the evening of  November 17 (last evening) and it is projected to be around until November 19.

Fortunately, it has not significantly impacted Choiseul; but preliminary reports suggest that it has wreak significant havoc in Castries City, Bexon, Dennery and Soufriere. Many parts of the city was flooded. So were Bexon and Dennery.

The South is completely cut off from the North. The Colombette area is highly risky because of slope stability threats.

Vehicular and pedestrian commuting is challenging; and with the news of a young man's death by drowning, the authorities have warned that extreme caution should be observed.

As a precautionary measure, workers are being evacuated from the town of Soufriere and environs. Commuters traversing the southwestern corridor are asked to proceed with extreme caution as there are slides and rolling projectiles along the Soufriere-Choiseul Road.

The district rep for Soufriere - Hon Harold Dalson - is expected to make a statement on NTN later today.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Was the Hon harold Dalson a prophet?

During the 2010 Budget debate, an exchange in the House of Assembly between the district reps of Soufriere and Choiseul/Saltibus resulted in the former labelling to the latter as “Minister Ti Canal”. The exchange  centred around issues raised by Hon Dalson on the design criteria for the construction of physical infrastructure. He cited the Union Vale Bridge which the Hon Bousquet had touted as an achievement as an example.  Well, four months later the bridge at Union Vale went down during the heavy rains at the end of August and is up to now still unrepaired.

Undoubtedly, this bridge was an important link for commuters who used the route via De Ville to get to Soufriere. Now these commuters have to go through either Mongouge or Ravineau (depending where they start) and backtrack all the way to Victoria.

This Union Vale Bridge project underlines the importance of design criteria when building physical infrastructure. Design criteria are state standards that designers should meet in designing some system or device. Those criteria should have taken into consideration factors such as the potential maximum volume flow rate of the river and host of what is referred to as “relevant geotechnical considerations”. Apparently, that was not the case

In hindsight, Hon Dalson’s designation of his parliamentary colleague as “Minister Ti Canal” turns out to be painfully true. Was Hon Dalson a prophet in that regard?