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Sunday, April 17, 2011


She needs urgent eye care
Lorne’s intention over the weekend was to visit the sick, the shut in and the elderly in Dacretin, “Coco” and Belle Vue; but it turned out to be much bigger than that. He was so well received that one day was simply not enough. 

She is sick; her husband is in hospital
 One of the major issues which came to the fore was Universal Health Care (UHC). There are at least two very sickly persons who would specifically benefit from UHC if it was implemented. Now they are caught up in a financial dilemma with no one to turn to. Lorne affirmed his commitment to UHC and expressed the hope that one day it will be implemented by the SLP government.

Wrongly designed playing facility in Coco (Dacretin)
This vulnerable person is looking for help
Lorne was appalled by state of the playing facility which was allegedly built by the District Rep with some of the funds he received from the Ministry of Community Development  twenty years ago. Records from the Ministry of Social Transformation reveal that Tucker requested and received the sum of $10,000 to construct a playing facility, which came into being 15 years later but without proper planning and designing.  

As the photograph shows, whenever it rains, the road leading to the playing field acts like a water channel. This results in massive flooding and destruction of the facility because no provision was made for the run-off from the road. This playing field is just another one of Tucker's bluff projects.

On the positive side, Lorne was very impressed with the intellectual prowess of the youth who engaged him in very frank, fruitful and meaningful discussions on a variety of issues. They proposed wide-ranging ideas for youth and community development which Lorne pledge to incorporate in his programmes for the development of the constituency.

Rabbit-rearing in Coco
Lorne was also very impressed with the industry and entrepreneurial pursuits of the youth.  A couple of young man who were engaged in cottage-based rabbit and chicken farming took him on a tour of their farm. Lorne was very pleased with the results of the tour and promise to explore both financial and technical assistance to them when he becomes the next district rep for the area.

"Lime with Lorne" moved on to new heights over the weekend and although it was was a tremendous success, Lorne in the end sounded an unhappy note to his team: "Should the sick, the elderly and the poor in Choiseul be left to die because they lack the resources for their health care?"

At the moment, this is likely to be the case; unless Government can implement UHC with a degree of urgency.

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  1. Lord, thank you for sending Lorne to us. We have been victims of political misrepresentation by the Tucker animal. He is very dishonest animal, always lying to us telling us he did this and he did that.