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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Submitted by BourneLucian

Lady Compton reveals how Rufus Bousquet drank coffee at her home with her husband, Sir John, before stabbing him in the back. Should we re-christen a fourth time with the name "Judas" or should we simply call him Tucker, the Judas? Can Tucker be described as the worst traitor in St. Lucia history?

Sir John surrounded by the King and "Tucker, the Judas" days before his death
Here are some of the revelations from Lady Janice which may bring tears from your eyes:

1. Twice before Sir John's death, certain elements in government tried to remove him as Prime Minister.
2. Government and Party moved away from Sir John.
3. People from Saltibus did not want Bousquet.
4. Sir John made coffee for Bouquet. He trusted and loved him even when Tucker plotted against him.

Like he did to Sir John, Tucker also stabbed the people of Choiseul/Saltibus in the back. That is why, day after day, he is discovering his political dilemma. Many of the love-faring people from the constituency complain of his treachery. They remember him as penniless politician who they rescued when he landed in Choiseul after his release from the US Federal Prison. Like Sir John, they offered him coffee, tea, lunch and dinner but he has never showed any gratitude to them; only political opportunism.

Meanwhile, we are informed that Tucker held a strategy meeting at his constituency office in Reunion last night. Sources close to him and who were at th meeting indicated that despite his bravado in the House, he appeared to be extremely nervous about his impending and overwhelming defeat at the polls. Even the "strategists" seem reluctant to identify with him, as they all hid the vehicles into the woods.

A summary of the discussions will be posted here later.

In the meantime, the people of Choiseul/Saltibus empathise with Lady Janice for all the atrocities meted out to her by Tucker, the Judas of Choiseul/Saltibus.


  1. So sad. I almost cried.

  2. That is more reason for Tucker to go and he has to go.King please call elections now