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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Synopsis of Tucker’s Lackluster Presentation

Tucker’s presentation in the house today was most unimpressive. It was just full of untruths and “may-pwee”. Tucker in a television interview once said that he headed the most important ministry - paradoxically, he spent a total of 5 minutes speaking about the ministry he classifies as the most important. The foreign affairs minister’s presentation lacked class and professionalism. Instead of focusing on the budget presented by his Minister of Finance, he resorted the act of name calling. Tucker was incoherent, illogical and disorganized.


- Bousquet claims that his government favors Taiwan over China, because Taiwan is democratic and China is not. This is a bold lie. Bousquet recently established diplomatic relations with Libya(a country headed by the world's most oppressive leader); and to this day when the whole world has condemned the dictator and killer, Kaddafi - Bousquet continues to support him.

- Tucker(sorry about the interchange of names – this man has so many names - I have difficulty keeping up with him) said in his presentation that he did not participate in the negotiations to relocate to the $114000/month Baywalk office. Then he proceeds to shower praise on his tenant for accepting him into the building. How disingenuous can Tucker be – we all know that the decision to move to the mall was his, aided and abetted by his minister of finance, King.

- Tucker said the Labour party can’t pull a crowd at the events held so far. Is Tucker delusional? Can the editor please repeat the photos of the launching of the Castries candidates? Where in St. Lucia has a bigger crowd ever gathered before?


- Bousquet blows his own trumpet over his government’s ‘4.4% growth’ - in the same breath he takes over an hour to blame his government inability (to stimulate development and employment in St. Lucia) on external international conditions. How has the St. Lucia economy grown when the latest World Bank report describes us as one of the poorest in the Caribbean?


- Tucker seemed very much disorganized in his presentation. He had a hard time locating his paper scripts. Despite previous requests by the speaker of the house to turn off your cellphone when at the mike, Tucker seem unable to do so. He was the only speaker with this problem. At times he appeared to be under the influence of an uncontrolled substance.


- Tucker was bankrupt of ideas in this debate. He had very little to say about his constituency. Oh, but there is nothing for him to talk about. Where are his achievements? After 5 years in office, all Tucker has to show are Ti-Canals "here, there and everywhere" and a mini-stadium bluff? Tucker spent about half his presentation time rumbling on the “Dauphin Oil Project”. He spoke about it like it was something new – he appeared lost as he does not seem to understand the language of contracts. This is an issue which has been talked about by Richard Frederick in every budget debate. Earl Huntley has written several articles in the Newspapers to explain this project. Grenada and St Vincent signed similar agreements. Dr. Anthony has made it clear that St. Lucia is under no obligation to RSM/Grynberg since neither party kept to their side of the agreement. What may jeopardize this agreement is the way that the Attorney General and Richard Frederick have handled this matter. Like all other situations they’ve handle in the past, they are making a mess of this one.

I was embarrassed to see Bouquet in the house today. Though we may be on opposite sides of the political fence, he is the current rep for Choiseul – and I feel sad when things “Choiseul” appear so lackluster, mediocre and ridiculous. How much more must I suffer this embarrassment? What will I tell my co-workers tomorrow? Come on Choiseul, please do something about this. I’m tired of being ridiculed by my coworkers. Tucker must go.


  1. Tucker spent 2 hours, 17 minutes in the house. Only 15 minutes of that time was given to his constituency. A meagre 5 was spent discussing the foreighn affairs ministry. The rest, approximately 2 hours was spent bad talking Dr. Kenny Anthony. Shame on Tucker. Not a single new idea on his constituency. Shame.

  2. Doesn't that tell us about the empty-headedness of these numbskulls that make up the government of St. Lucia? St. Lucia is bleeding from shame and disgrace. how these rats ever take St. lucia out of the quagmire it is in. Are those behaviours indicative of how they govern St. Lucia. i listened to Richard Frederick and 905 of his time was utter nonsense. What is the value of dwelling for so long on something you brought up three years ago? if Kenny has done wrong, then why don't you take him o court! Stop that damn propaganda and let's get on with the business of government.

    I was a little sympathetic to these fellows; but now I voting them out. They are too stupid! if they can't debate a budget, can they run a country? No way!