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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hon Dalson was in fine form in the House on Monday! Combining his brilliant wit with sound and evidenced-based logical analyses, he scored heavily with listeners and even with the members of the House; but the word around town is the Dirty “Super 8” House Ring who “brought down” Sir John are planning to take aim at Dalson on Tuesday, because of a lightning “knock-out punch” he landed on the flat-footed King in only the first few minutes in the early round of the Budget Debate.

King tried to get on his feet on a point of order that never was there. Dalson who has a reputation for his quick wit and gifted rebuttals, brought down the PM within seconds as he tried to rise on his feet, and hence pre-empting the speaker in the process. It was an awkward moment for both the speaker who was apparently nonplussed and the PM whose face assumed a sulky look.

Soon after Dalson finished his presentation, a premature break was hastily taken and during that break, it was reported that the PM was seen fulminating anathema at the poor Madame Speaker in the gallery. Apparently, it had to do with the embarrassment that they both suffered.

The Pit Bull who has lately become King’s Chief Security guard must have agreed to reciprocate on his behalf. So, he carved an opportunity during Hon Pierre’s masterful representation to throw dirt at Dalson, using the notorious 2003 Juke Bois missive, authored by Baden Allain for the purpose of not only checkmating Dalson’s tenure on the Soufriere Foundation; but also aimed at destroying Dalson’s Career generally. That missive which was penned since 2003 was deliberately passed on to Juke Bois to finish the job; but again Dalson’s innocence and repartee foiled the Pit Bull’s attack when Dalson simply replied "You have to die”. Apparently, there is something that the Speaker and Hon Dalson know about RF that we do not know.

Hence, whether by her own free will or by political decree, she ended the Monday session with a misplaced reprimand of Dalson. Naturally, that brought smiles to the PM's sulky and frozen face. After all is said and done, history and the laws of natural justice" will certainly set Dalson free.

I suspect Honourable Dalson’s characterization of the budget as a “quick Quak” event must have hit King’s tender sensibilities very hard. 

Let's see what happens on Tuesday!

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  1. Did you hear Juke Bois this morning on Mr Dalson's back. I know he is a member of the Flambeau campaign team but I challenge any member of his Flambeau Government to to do that great job which Mr Dalson did yesterday. Juke is a fool! A big fool.