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Monday, November 28, 2011


Preliminary results indicate that Lorne Theophilus has won the Choiseul/Saltibus seat and that the SLP will form the next government with a margin of 10-7.

The winners on the SLP side are (1) Dr Kenny D. Anthony, (2) Phillip J. Pierre, (3) Alva Baptiste, (4) Moses Jn Baptiste, (4) Harold Dalson, (6) Dr Desmond Long, (7) Lorne Theophilus, (8) Emma Hippolyte, (9) Shawn Edwards, and (10) Dr Robert Lewis

The winners on the UWP side are: (1) Stephenson King, (2) Richard Frederick, (3) Dr Gale Rigobert, (4) Arsene James, (5) Ezekiel Joseph, (6) Guy Joseph, (7) Edmund Estaphan.

The UWP has maintained its record of no other UWP Leader except Sir John Compton winning an election for the UWP.

Congratulations to Team Labour!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tonight, good citizens of Choiseul/Saltibus will be sleeping with one eye shut and one eye open. There is a real prospect that we may wake up on Tuesday Morning to the reality of a murderer being our parliamentary representative.

Rick Wayne broke the murderer story about this politician in his Star Newspaper during the days of the UWP leadership crisis, when he asked “Could a Murderer be our Next Prime Minister?”

Rick was absolutely right that there was a murderer in the House and it was not difficult to identify him.  Having been unmasked, we all thought he would call it quits; but the literature indicates that criminals – especially murderers – are driven by terrorist tendencies and they simply don’t quit! It is those same terrorist tendencies that drive their criminality.

Tucker’s campaign strategies and platform rhetoric have trademark “death instincts” written all over them; the aggression and venom directed against his opponents give the distinct impression that he is on a mission to kill them.

One of his targets is Lorne Campaign Manager. The statements levelled against him at a Mongouge meeting last week are clear representations of his propensity for murder. Tucker said categorically that he wants to destroy "the Doc”, his family and property. His entire platform went on a rampage on the Doc, accusing the much respected and distinguished former principal of Saint Mary’s College of witchcraft and and even incest, among other things. This is the depth that Lucian politics have reached - thanks to the criminals.

It’s entirely up to the people of Choiseul/Saltibus to decide: do they want a murderer to be their parliamentary rep?


MORNE SION, CHOISEUL, SUNDAY - “Whistleblowers” are ringing the bell very loud. This morning, Tucker was reported to be in the area offering electors as much as $1000.00 to vote for him. Curiously, he was being shadowed and he was not even aware of it!

According to one of the guys who was targeted, “I took the money and the Tee shirt; but I en go vote for mate. That’s money he owes us. That’s our money.”

Now that there is proof of that electoral malpractice on the eve of a general election, what is next? Lorne and his powerful legal team have been briefed and they are currently on the ground reviewing the factual details and will later make a legal determination on how to proceed!

Earlier this week, we were informed of Gaddafi money entering into our elections. The theory is Gaddafi, before he was killed, bequeathed a huge sum of money to Tucker. It is alleged that the money went through a regional banking institution but was detected at the multilateral clearing facility.

There are lots of questions to be answered by Tucker before demitting office on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of his impending defeat, Tucker has now “moved house” from Reunion to new quarters in Balembouche.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I will never refer to Rick as a prostitute, even if that seems to be a widely held view; The late Sir John and Bro George have accused him of a litany of indiscretions and the evidence of those is ubiquitous on the internet and available for all to see. These indiscretions ranged from gay-for-pay to blatant nudity and the photos proliferate all over the internet to prove it. But, I guess, those were delinquent aberrations – just as Tucker’s passions for identity theft and grand theft auto were. In any case, it was well within Rick's right to use his body as he damned pleased!

While I respect Rick's rights and sexual preferences, I cannot say the same for his brand of "journalism". The former does not affect me; they are personal to him and his milieu! But I read the Star Newspaper and I am entitled to a view on what I read and who wrote it. 

My strong view is Rick Wayne has degenerated into a UWP-sponsored “ventriloquist” who masquerades as a journalist; since he got the OBE award, he has been behaving extraordinarily strangely.

According to Wikipedia, “ventriloquism is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) manipulates his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered dummy”.

This definition so aptly fits Rick’s journalism. Rick has become UWP’s puppeteered dummy through whom they unload their platform filth, political effluvia and even evil anathema on unsuspecting sections of the masses.

But that’s not all; Rick has a pathological abhorrence for truth and objectivity. His fixation with Kenny has skewed his rational faculties irretrievably – not that he was ever blessed with any rational aptitude.

Rick’s latest campaign song is “Lorne Theophilus”; and we all know Rufus Bousquet is paying the piper handsomely not just for singing, but also for other behind-the-scenes dissemination of SCL propaganda literature. All of a sudden, the criminal that Rick discovered in 2007 is now another Jesus Christ!

In an obvious reference to Bousquet in 2007, the publisher of the Star Newspaper Rick Wayne asked the following rhetorical question: “COULD A MURDERER BE ST. LUCIA’S NEXT PRIME MINISTER?” Today, he is busy outfitting that very person who he thought might have been a murderer with a Christly robe.  Yet, he says he abhors hypocrisy (sorry “hippacrasy”).

Rick also broke the BRUCE TUCKER story which proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Rufus is a federal ex-convict. Today, Rick wrote that Rufus confesses that’s all of those crimes belong to the past! But, doesn’t Rick realize that . . . TIME DOES NOT ERASE CRIMINALITY OR CRIMINAL RECORDS!

To some extent, Rick must be credited for the chronicle of Bousquet’s record of criminality in the Star. He was the one who proved to the nation that Bousquet was no ordinary criminal.

The question now is: if it were wrong in 2007, what makes it right now? And here I am not talking accusations – anybody can be accused of anything; I am talking about real convictions in a court of law. Bill Clinton, Derek Walcott, Sir John and Rufus Bousquet have all been publicly accused of some form of inappropriate sexual behavior. None was convicted. Hence, based on the age-old principle “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat”, they are all innocent!

But Rick selectively subscribes to the principle of “guilty by accusation”. He does not subscribe to the principle of “Guilty by conviction”; accusations are more important than convictions.

If Rick believed in criminal convictions, would he have asked Bousquet to spare St. Lucia further embarrassment and step down from politics because of his well-documented criminal convictions? Apparently, he is very comfortable with criminals in politics as along as the criminals belong to the UWP.

If by dint of a miracle Tucker were to win the Choiseul/Saltibus seat, I am not sure that he would be able to “represent and govern” because of the notoriety that surrounds him – a situation that might well result in an imminent bye election.

I have never in the history of St. Lucia come across a politician so tainted as Tucker. And I ask what have Choiseul/Saltibus done to warrant that curse?

Why do Mr Chou and Rick Wayne have so much faith in that criminal? Why does Rick endorse a candidate who he believes may be a MURDERER to stand in St. Lucia politics? Why does Rick stand behind Bruce Tucker?

Does Rick want a murderer to be our next PM?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Flambeau’s committing suicide with Statistical demagoguery

In this election, every Flambeau is a “statistical expert”. When they were counting votes a few weeks ago, they proclaimed that they had “won” the Choiseul/Saltibus seat by 300 votes; and they confidently sealed that verdict in a box and put it away in a safe place. They also claimed that they would win the I-5 (Roblot) Box by an estimated 200 votes and that too was sealed in a box and put away!

But something very strange happened: there was no statistical “goodness-of -fit” between the results of the Flambeau “numbers-crunching game” and the mood on the ground. One did not reflect the other! So naturally they were force to reopen the box and to make fixes. Today, they concede that they will lose Roblot by 50 votes.

The “Roblot finding” must have sent shockwaves through the already ailing body of Tucker; and drove him into a frenzy of desperation. So despite his failing health and his doctor’s advice to rest, Tucker was by 7.30 on Sunday November 20 frantically knocking on Roblot doors carelessly offering them voters advanced contracts and money in exchange for votes.

Voting patterns suggest that Roblot falls in the category of  the genuinely "swing voter community" and may therefore be a very good predictor of the results of the Choiseul/Saltibus poll.

Mongouge and Delcer have traditionally displayed “garrison” characteristics; but I suspect that this year, there may well be surprises in the distributions of votes in both polling divisions; and the potential changes are so nuanced, so underground, so camouflaged that they are imperceptible to the untrained eye. Suffice it to say, we anticipate a very late national or constituency swing; and it is expected it to reflect in the election results.

Apparently, the “statistically deficient” UWP experts still subscribe to an old, “stone-age system” using a “one-to-one correspondence” to measure their support in an area or constituency. They distribute customised voters lists to selected ground teams/persons that attempt to code them; and using the coded results, the experts quantify the support for the candidates and use the results as the basis for their decision-making.

Of course, this approach has brought many headaches to the UWP pundits because, it is tedious and it is not responsive to sudden changes or swings. It was that same “foolproof method” the Tennyson Joseph camp used in 2006 but which brought them defeat.

Meanwhile, Tucker’s Campaign Manager who was accused of sundry electoral malpractices in 2006 is back at it again. A sample of voters has reported that he is currently busy “working the lines” promising cash and goodies in exchange for votes. We would like the election observers from the COMMONWEALTH, CARICOM & OAS to take a careful look at those practices and to incorporate their findings in the final report. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor those practices for further reference. 

Choiseul/Saltibus is in the "toss up" up category; but Lorne Theophilus currently enjoys a statistical lead of 10%. (45% -UWP; 55%- SLP); margin of error is 5% .  All things being equal, he should win the seat.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Everybody is waiting with baited breath for the results of the elections; but equally, everyone is in a state of suspense on what will happen in the next 5 days. Will the USA commence extradition proceedings against Richard Frederick or will they put it hold until after the Elections? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Rufus is under a heavy dose of steroids to fortify him for the campaign. How long will he last after the campaign is anybody’s guess.  He has not even taken time off to mourn his mother’s death. She died peacefully in the USA.

We know and understand that Bousquet is banned from the USA because of his criminal activities in that country; but that’s certainly is not the way for a son to treat a mother who has passed away.  If he does not show love his own mother, then will he ever love you?

Meanwhile, Anthony Estaphan continued his streak of successes against the crooks in government when he won the Ausbert Regis case. Ausbert Regis was illegally transferred from his job as Commissioner of Police to the post of Director of Special Initiatives in the Prime Minister's Office. Justice has been done; but who will pay the bill for King's bad decisions? Who will pay the millions to Estaphan and company and Regis? There are more to come!

Let’s think St. Lucia; let put an end to this embarrassment called government. Let’s return our country to a state of normalcy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011


The SCL has invented a new variant of itself and it’s called “Citizens for a better Saint Lucia” They have used that pseudonym to launch an atrocious, vicious and malicious attack on our beloved candidate; but they have succeeded in making us love him more.

He is an inspiration to the youth of Choiseul/Saltibus in whom they have placed all their trust. He has proven his worth and mettle across all situations.

The people are about to overcome the mother of all their fears – the fear of a set of jokers ruling the country for the next 5 years. We in Choiseul will never allow fear and propaganda to rule our minds. We have had enough of that nastiness in the name of progress! By the way, in the last two days of the campaign, we will teach Rufus how to do what he loves to do best! So hang on!

Saltibus was in the “Red Zone” on Saturday Night. Hundreds of “red mealy bugs” flooded Asson’s Yard, the Road and adjoining areas for what many pundits have billed as an omen of an imminent political earthquake about to strike the “Salt of the South” – Who will be the major casualty? Is it Bruce Tucker or Rufus Bousquet? Saltibus voted for Rufus Bousquet and but they got Bruce Tucker. Saltibus voted for representation but they received outright rejection; they received a virtual kick in the butt by Tucker in the name of Rufus Bousquet.

But eeither Bruce Tucker, nor Rufus Bousquet paid any attention to Saltibus, Gertrine, Daban, Park Estate, Guya Bois etc for 4½ years; At Bousquet’s recent public meeting there, Tucker told the people of Saltibus that he had divided the five years in the ratio of 4:1 between Choiseul and Saltibus, with 4 years for Choiseul and 1 year for Saltibus. QUEEK! QUAK! How ridiculous when Choiseul hardly got a ½ years’ worth of representation. The only persons Tucker represented were his Ti canal contractors.  

But the point is when Tucker and Bousquet realized they had failed Saltibus, they placed his old faithful campaign manager on the electoral commission to remove Saltibus, Daban, Gertrine, O Park, Guyabois down to Piaye from the Choiseul constituency and to place it in the Laborie Constituency. He didn’t understand the overwhelming filial bonds between Saltibus and Choiseul. Rufus rejected those innocent communities.

But little did he realize that Saltibus is a community of great minds and indeed, some of them got together and started a mobilization process; it was slow; it was painful for the residents of Saltibus that the man they loved had cruelly rejected them and had even file for a Divorce!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Two public meetings are happening in the Soufriere area tonight, within a-1 mile radius of each other.

One of them is a UWP meeting at Myers Bridge and there is just a handful of persons in attendance; and the other is an SLP meeting at Fond St. Jacques where the turnout is an avalanche.
Who ever imagined that one day that Allan Chastenet – a billionaire boy and the son of Michael Chastenet - St. Lucia’s richest man - would be out so late, squeezing himself in a little 2X4 Toyota Corolla where he can barely fit in, and begging country bookies to vote for him?

Well, it’s no longer imagination, its reality! That’s exactly what I saw tonight, driving down from Castries - via Fond St. Jacques - to Choiseul.

Everybody knows that Chastenet is a billionaire. Everybody knows that he owns a fleet of SUV’s including the most expensive ones; He has shares in airlines; his family owns a huge chunk of our small island; his father has a monopoly on the supermarket chain from Mega J and Big J down to small supermarkets like Eroline Foods. The Chastenets own Caribbean Metals and a chain of hotels.  The point is the Chastenet family is self-actualised in wealth. They run the country!

So why would Allan disgrace himself by exposing himself to so much ridicule.

The days following the massive Third World concert in Soufriere have been very disconcerting for Allan. More and more, he is being exposed to the elements as the Old Fox, Hon Dalson continues to tighten his grip. After his fatal “pen en panyen” gaffe, Allan has brought more woes unto himself by creating a new parish in Soufriere by the name of “Beausejour”.

How did it happen? Chastenet gave instructions to someone to drop off something on his behalf in Beausejour, Soufriere! Naturally - and much to the delight of Soufrierians - his new name is now Mr Beausejour.  If Chastenet wants to salvage a modicum of credibility during and after the general Elections, then he should take time out and take two crash courses about Soufriere: (a) the Social Studies of Soufriere and (b) the Geography of Soufriere.


We have been reliably informed that Miss Cenac the mother of the Parliamentary representative for Choiseul Saltibus passed away peacefully on Wednesday, November 16.

Although we have not been able to independently confirm the news, we nonetheless wish to extend our deepest condolences to Mr Rufus Bousquet and his family.

Miss Cenac was a special friend of Choiseul, especially during the reign of JMD. She continued to maintain her bond of friendship with us even after JMD's death, by paying regular visits to the Choiseul vendors at the Castries Market on Saturday mornings.  She was never afraid to share some of her personal life episodes with us. 

We didn't know she was terminally ill. We will surely miss her.

I recommend that the SLP meeting in Mongouge tonight be cancelled as a mark of respect for Miss Cenac and her family.

May God bless Miss Cenac.


Amidst a widespread and dangerous flu pandemic which threatens to level St. Lucia, the SLP has lighted our hearts with a brilliant, star-powered Manifesto. And all of a sudden, St. Lucia is breathing hope again. The Ti Canal paradigm of development which gave crumbs to constituents and fatten the pockets of the crooked politicians is about to disappear from the face of St. Lucia. Criminal ministers and the never-ending flouting our laws with impunity will soon end. St. Lucia is on the brink of the return of normalcy.

The manifesto is appropriately titled “Blueprint for Growth” and everything in it points toward G-R-O-W-T-H.

Forget UWP’s barrage of TV Ads; they are like plasters on sores. They know they have failed St. Lucia miserably and they know they don’t deserve another term in office!

Here are some highlights from the “BLUEPRINT FOR GROWTH”


Through an effective combination of short term employment activities, an active public sector investment programme, the strategic use of incentives to encourage local investments, and the creation of an environment that attracted foreign direct investment, the SLP was able to reduce unemployment from 25% in 1997 to 14% in 2006.

Incompetent management by this UWP government has caused unemployment to rise once again.

                                                                                                                                                            A major priority of our government will be the creation of jobs.

                                                                                                                                                           Our Party will translate its comprehensive Employment Activation Programme (LEAP) into a National Initiative to Create Employment, dedicated to creating and finding jobs for Saint Lucians.

Our Party views the reconstruction of our country as an immediate priority.  It is shameful that almost one year after the passage of Hurricane Tomas large sections of our country’s damaged infrastructure have not been repaired or rebuilt.

                                                                                                                                                            An SLP government will immediately inject an amount of $100 million into the economy to stimulate job creation and reconstruction. We will embark on an aggressive Post-Tomas reconstruction programme to put hundreds of Saint Lucians to work repairing our roads, bridges and damaged infrastructure.

Our government will immediately reinstate the Short Term Employment Programme (STEP) to provide relief to the hundreds of men and women who have not been able to earn a living for almost five years.

STEP will be year-round in those communities that have been hardest hit by the recession and UWP mismanagement.

We will redesign and improve STEP so that it can also cater to those people who can be trained to find alternative employment.  The SLP will re-engage the private sector in a new public private sector partnership for job creation.

The SLP will re-engage the private sector in a new public- private sector partnership for job creation.