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Monday, November 7, 2011


Tonight, I listened to the weirdest political meeting imaginable; it was like a national “mépwi” competition among the Ministers of Government on Dr Anthony, seeing who among them is the dirtiest. It was sad that this unfortunate travesty which is not reflective of us had to be televised on national TV with absolutely no censorship.

For showing respect for the Laws of St. Lucia, Rufus referred to Kenny as being “stupid”. He thought Kenny should have closed his eyes and be part of Mr Chou money scheme – a matter that may well be the subject of litigation and criminal investigation in the future. But what do we expect from a Minister who is an ex-convict and who is also a major beneficiary of those schemes? Do we expect to hear anything better from a corrupt politician who has a well-defined track record of breaking the law? To the convict like Rufus Bousquet, criminality is wisdom.

Richard is UWP's chief specialist in roro. In his usual vindictive trademark style, he unleashed loads of dirt and elicited a chorus of obscenities from the crowd against his opponents, perhaps thinking by so doing he will vindicate himself his own mortal sins. Either Richards has not understood the magnitude of the implications of revocation his diplomatic visa or he has set on a deliberate mission to deceive us with lies, mepwi and roro. He should understand that he may not even be eligible to contest the elections or he will be a wanted man in the US any day now.

Guy Joseph is a classic "woman-basher". Not too long ago, he unleashed a virulent attack on Janine Compton, attempting to sully her good name. On Sunday Night he did the same to Emma’s good name, shamelessly accusing her of competing with another man’s wife for a man! I expect Emma and our conscious women to deal with him.

The Minister of Social Transformation was the biggest disappointment for the night. He encouraged the crowd to chant and recite a chorus expletives like “dé ban vole” and “ti kwa en tjou Labour.” It was pathetic; and more and more, Spider is showing us he does not deserve to be the Minister for Social Transformation.

King continued to insult our intelligence with his normal King-sized lies about the performance of his government. Trying to emulate the tones of Martin Luther King Jr and his nemesis Bro George, he continued unabashedly to peddle his usual basket of lies about economic growth, boasting that despite the recession, our economy grew impressively by 4.4%. Yet, there are no signs of that growth and it is not a growth felt by St. Lucians. The recovery from Tomas is at a standstill with the thousands of people affected still reeling from the effects.  Apparently, all St. Lucia feels the hardships except the UWP candidates who are enjoying their millions from the Taiwanese funding scheme. They are all rich man and women.

Reflecting on the UWP meeting at the end of the evening, I said to myself that if you want to participate in fooling the people, then go to a UWP rally.

Dr Lewis – as King and Guy’s lecturer at Monroe College - has his work cut out for him. He has a lot of work to do to raise the level of their intellect and bring them up to speed. They are not platform material yet; airing them live on TV or radio is a disservice to the listening public; and I suggest to HTS there should a level of censorship when broadcasting those rallies.

Nonetheless, we must say thanks to King for calling the elections on November 28, so that the country can return to normalcy and good governance. All those bogus claims and counter-claims of electoral victory before people cast their ballots will end on the night of November 28.

If the scientific predictions turn true –as I suspect they will be – one thing will emerge, and that is the national unemployment figure will increase significantly based on the number of unemployable government ministers, candidates, UWP campaign managers and Mr Chou contractors who will be out of a job.


  1. Not only on national tv ... that nonsense was streamed LIVE online for any one world wide to view ... I cringed, I was so embarrassed.

  2. uwp means: U Want Problems