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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Richard is a completely changed man – he has made  a-180 degree turn; so are the Guys, Alan, Spider and Doddy. These once upon a time seemingly honourable gentlemen have almost changed to beasts.

I know Guy Joseph personally; I worked with him on a few projects including a new bus fare structure for the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) and the revision of sundry pieces of motor vehicle legislation. In fact, we were both members of the Road Transport Board (RTB).

Guy has his own fair share of intellectual/academic limitations but in his own un-nuanced way, he is generally articulate albeit vociferously.

Richard was another friend of mine. During the world cup cycle, I facilitated duty free concessions for him. We soon became friends and from time to time, we met at Nashville Palace for drink of Black with coconut water. I used to refer to him as the Lion Heart.

I first heard about Alan Chastenet when I was in Jamaica, when he worked for Air Jamaica. He undoubtedly made me feel proud that he a St. Lucian National could have risen to that pinnacle.

The first time I met him personally though was when he served as president of SLHTA. I was the chairman of the National Taxi Fare committee and- being a major stakeholder - I invited him to sit on that committee but he sent his executive secretary to represent him. Alan always impressed me with fine diction.

I met Alan again when he became the Minister for Tourism and once had a pleasant constructive chat with him when he visited the department where I worked.

I became a good friend of Guy Mayers when I served as Principal of St Mary’s College and the president of the Choiseul credit Union. We developed a very good business and professional relationship and I respected him highly.

My question now is: What has happened to those super human beings who were all so impressive that they were accepted as role models? They were supremely honorable gentlemen; so why when they are now honourable that they behave so dishonorably?  Is it that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? I argue no! I think it goes beyond that. I will pin it all on the Strategic Communications lab (SCL).

Perhaps it was in their quest to hold onto the reigns of power, that caused them to sell their honour; and that worries me.

It is apparent that the SCL uses a Machiavellian philosophy when doing business with its clients; and therefore at their centre of their results based management (RBM) framework is the mean doctrine that “the ends justify the means” and one of the outcomes or legacies of that doctrine is the irreversible bruises to our society.

It appears too that the SCL might be using unsuspecting ministers of government as “guinea pigs” in their mind-bending experiments. Richard, Guy and Chastenet stand out for identification in that regard. I have strong reasons to believe that the SCL has a human lab comprising some of our ministers of government where brainwashing and mind-bending strategies are experimented with; and then the findings are generalized to the broader electorate.

There is a death instinct about Richard and Guy which is unprecedented in our local politics. Every time I watch them on platform, I get the distinct impression that they are driven by the death instinct – an instinct to murder their opponent. And I ask what has happen to our politics? Are we becoming another Jamaica, when Jamaica is trying to make a paradigm-shift in their politics?

If there is anything that our political consults should teach our politicians - especially where they appear to be as vulnerable as Richard, Guy and Alan – is anger management. But the SCL won’t do that! They are like the earlier colonial settlers, not giving a damn about outcome of their unholy exploits. They are like hired mercenaries of destruction using the Willie Lynch Bible as their tool.

The reality is if they continue in that vein for much longer, the self-destruction of our society is inevitable; but why would any responsible government hire the services of perpetrators who commit crimes against humanity in a small unsuspecting nation to achieve their goal?

The latest coming out is their involvement in passport fraud; I can only hope and pray that this is not true!

St. Lucia is now caught between SCL devils on the one hand; and “the deep blue sea” of Mr Chou on the other. I ask: Are we seeking development through neo-colonization? Are we selling our rights to self-determination? Is this all that our government can do in the name of development?

The Taiwanese are converting us into a civilization of Ti Canal; and the SCL is developing a sub-culture of self-hate, of venom, of anger. Where is Saint Lucia headed? Lucians! YOU DECIDE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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