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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


You may have heard about it; the Flambeaus are in serious, serious trouble; and have been thrown on the back foot. After the $300,000-Third World Concert in Soufriere and the mépwi galore on the William Peter Boulevard which brought worldwide shame and embarrassment to the entire counrty, the people only became hungrier, angrier AND THEY ARE FED UP in an unprecedented way! 

The result: The UWP support base has taken a serious bashing in the opinions polls and they have summoned the SCL Boss himself – the world’s premiere mind-bender who worked in Afghanistan and Iraq to St. Lucia. He is already here; so be prepared for the dirtiest politics that St. Lucia has ever known! A filth galore against Kenny! 

I suspect - with the help of a desperate Rick Wayne - they will  repackage Rochamel and a number of their lies in the dirtiest of ways and throw endless dirt at Kenny.  They will also experiment with some of the dirtiest tactics they used in used in Afghanistan and Iraq and this may even bring political violence on an unprecedented scale into St. Lucia; they will also use Willie Lynch tactics. 

But the SLP  and the people of St. Lucia are ready; we do not need any dirty political consultant to advise us on trick strategies. We do not need any book of tricks! Kenny is expert political consultant; he has been on the ground for a long time. Every SLP candidate is a consultant. Every St. Lucian, every SLP supporter is a political consultant. They are our only adviser! They are the only people we trust.

Now that the hand to mouth, Ti Canal projects are over, the "bluff bag" is drying out. The reality is there is no work and “de people mad” (DPM). No dirty consultant can change that! THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS MAD! MAD AGAINST UWP . . . FOR 5 YEARS OF INJUSTICE, BLUFF, LIES, NON-PERFORMANCE, CORRUPTION, ABUSE, VIOLATION OUR LAWS ETC ETC ETC.

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