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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tonight, good citizens of Choiseul/Saltibus will be sleeping with one eye shut and one eye open. There is a real prospect that we may wake up on Tuesday Morning to the reality of a murderer being our parliamentary representative.

Rick Wayne broke the murderer story about this politician in his Star Newspaper during the days of the UWP leadership crisis, when he asked “Could a Murderer be our Next Prime Minister?”

Rick was absolutely right that there was a murderer in the House and it was not difficult to identify him.  Having been unmasked, we all thought he would call it quits; but the literature indicates that criminals – especially murderers – are driven by terrorist tendencies and they simply don’t quit! It is those same terrorist tendencies that drive their criminality.

Tucker’s campaign strategies and platform rhetoric have trademark “death instincts” written all over them; the aggression and venom directed against his opponents give the distinct impression that he is on a mission to kill them.

One of his targets is Lorne Campaign Manager. The statements levelled against him at a Mongouge meeting last week are clear representations of his propensity for murder. Tucker said categorically that he wants to destroy "the Doc”, his family and property. His entire platform went on a rampage on the Doc, accusing the much respected and distinguished former principal of Saint Mary’s College of witchcraft and and even incest, among other things. This is the depth that Lucian politics have reached - thanks to the criminals.

It’s entirely up to the people of Choiseul/Saltibus to decide: do they want a murderer to be their parliamentary rep?

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