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Tuesday, November 8, 2011



It does not matter how much the Flambeaus dress King up; it does not matter how much fluff that SCL wraps around him; he will be always be a dismal failure. King will go down in our political history as St. Lucia’s biggest failure, weakest PM -  and so will the men and women around him.

King is also an exceedingly "daft" PM and only a daft PM would call General Elections in the midst of a Hurricane season, forgetting about Tomas. We still have a month to go into the season and suppose we were to be struck by a major disaster now, what leg would we have to stand on. With Parliament dissolved, and only a caretaker government in place, what authority would we have for any legitimate action?

King is the direct anti-thesis of "Midas". Everything that the legendary Midas touched turned to gold; but everything king touched resulted in failure as is evidenced by the performance of the economy and the astronomical rise in crime, etc. Let's look briefly at five indicators of performance.




4.4% statistical (rebase) growth (King's magical figure);
Actual growth is less than 2%; but no outputs; no signs of growth; in other words, nothing to show for the 1.5 billion dollars borrowed over the last 5 years.  


Highest homicide rate ever in 2010; and we are now on course to break that record again.


2% implementation rate

Hurricane Tomas  

0% recovery

Unemployment & joblessness

21% overall; 40% among youth

Etc, etc etc, etc . . . . ad infinitum

In short, King failed in every sphere and “in every minister”. Therefore, why would the SCL glorify him? Why are these guys insulting our intelligence. I have never felt so badly insulted in my life.  

Let’s take a case-by-case look at the results!


Excellent Karaoke Prime Minister; He now tries to sing like Martin Luther King Jr and Bro George Odlum. Both men must be turning in their graves at the way that King mimics their voices; but again that’s what failures do. They become so pissed off with themselves that run away from it and attempt to be somebody else. 

King has nothing to do with himself. He has wrapped a ton of fluff around him: fluffy fat, fluffy speeches, fluffy statistics and a fluffy voice mimicking others.  Not only does he speak like Bro George, he also tries to walk like him. The fundamental difference was Brother George hated liars. 

For all his fluff and lies, he earned an F plus grade with an average score of under 2% over 5 years.

He is condemned for not only flouting the laws of the country; but also for showing little concern for the safety of the people during a hurricane season by calling general elections in the middle of it!


Introduce school children to gambling machines. Shouting expletives from the political platform. 

He is the worst Minister of social Transformation we have known.

People across Gros Islet (who are actually a true diaspora) are rallying strongly behind Emma. His has failed badly, perhaps because of bad company.


Passed the first year; showed some good signs at first; but allowed himself to be swayed by bad company.  Showing signs of corruption.


One of the real bad apples in the pack. Federal convict turned foreign minister; also guilty of breaking his own mother’s arm; for his sins, God has afflicted him with two dreaded plagues but he has still not learned his lessons. In the 1992 elections, he registered and won the General Elections under a false name; he is now also serving a permanent ineligibility ban from the US for convictions for identify theft and grand theft auto. Rick Wayne wrote he may also be guilty of murder. Decision: unqualified for public Office.

He broke the US laws and was rightly sent to prison;  he broke our Laws of St. Lucia and was elected to parliament.

Now, he is a wanted man in Choiseul/Saltibus for giving the people a 6 for a 9.


Multiple Convictions; a fraudster who defrauded the state. decision: unqualified for public office. Needs rehabilitation

The appellate Court rendered him unfit for public office and he said the Court lied about him. But it is the people of Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques who will hand down the final judgment against him on November 28.  I hope after that judgment they will allow him to catch a therapeutic Sulphur Springs bath to cleanse his lying tongue.  The Might of Mose has him already cowering. His aggregate mark is F minus


As a magistrate, he was guilty of perverting the course of justice by conspiring with the UWP to set Marcus Nicholas and his brother (Estaphane) free. He deserves a good term, but at Bordelais.

A clown by nature and teetotaler, he can do some weird things especially after a party.

Not suitable for office.


The TimeBomb will drop on st. Lucia and we will know who will feel the force of it.

Guilty of customs fraud in st. Lucia and the USA; He had his diplomatic and personal visas revoked for what is believed to be narco-trafficking, money laundering and perhaps murder (according to Weakileaks). It is reported that Immigration authorities recently caught him in Ruerto Rico with a brief case filled with hundreds of thousands of US dollars. A full report will be given when the next set of Wikileaks is released.

According to Bro Mose, St. Lucia can’t afford to have another Escobar. He could not complete his term as a minister because he is wanted  by the FBI. One corrupt turn does not deserve another. He failed the people of St. Lucia.



Deprived hurricane victims of supplies;  destroyed the Communications Ministry; too much double-standard; has no time to do his work assignments because he spends too much time in Mongouge pursuing nocturnal activities even on a Friday Night. 

Wanted for misappropriation of funds and illegal shares in A&M.

He has demonstrated a hatred for professional women and also a strong disrespect for truth.

He does not qualify to hold a Ministry.



Brilliant academics seldom cheat but she is guilty of cheating red-handed with Mr Chou; we thought she knew better but we caught her pushing her academic hands deep into Mr Chou’s grip (suitcase) and claiming that she has achieved in Micoud. As a lecturer, we thought she would be exemplary but she failed the initial test. I don’t know if UWI will ever employ her again as she awaits her judgment.



Known in Vieux Fort for cheating with Taiwanese money; A decision to expel her is pending until November 28 for supporting men who bash women like her.

Karl is St. Lucia’s best known political failure and we expect that trend to continue.

Despite all his imperfections, he is heads and shoulders above the rest. He has shown some remorse his original political sin when he issued a direct award contract of $500,000 for a water sub-project in his constituency. But he neglected his constituency a whole ton and many people have mutinied against him. However, he is not pathologically corrupt and there is much room for him to rehabilitate; but he has left behind a legacy of mess in the education Ministry. He also failed to deliver on his promise to upgrade Sir Arthur to the University of St. Lucia 


F +
He doesn’t deserve the position of Government’s chief legal advisor and he has not done anything to prove that he has the intellectual and moral capabilities.  He has ill-advised the government on a number of issues ranging from CARICOM Airways to the Finance Act. He is in league with the criminal wing of the party and has given the impression that even he too has criminal propensities when he glorified the bad boy element in local politics. The Judgment against him has been made and will be delivered on November 28. From all indications, he will be condemned to “political jail” for life.

 Guy Mayers

Formerly good Citizen now turned Rogue. Has totally lost his moral compass and also grown by leaps and bounds in dishonesty.  A political imposter of the highest order pretending to be the District rep for Castries East. He has been pronounced guilty for the record homicide rates plaguing the country and not doing anything about it. In fact, he is well-poised for breaking his own record. The people of Castries east have given him an F minus.

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