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Friday, November 18, 2011


Two public meetings are happening in the Soufriere area tonight, within a-1 mile radius of each other.

One of them is a UWP meeting at Myers Bridge and there is just a handful of persons in attendance; and the other is an SLP meeting at Fond St. Jacques where the turnout is an avalanche.
Who ever imagined that one day that Allan Chastenet – a billionaire boy and the son of Michael Chastenet - St. Lucia’s richest man - would be out so late, squeezing himself in a little 2X4 Toyota Corolla where he can barely fit in, and begging country bookies to vote for him?

Well, it’s no longer imagination, its reality! That’s exactly what I saw tonight, driving down from Castries - via Fond St. Jacques - to Choiseul.

Everybody knows that Chastenet is a billionaire. Everybody knows that he owns a fleet of SUV’s including the most expensive ones; He has shares in airlines; his family owns a huge chunk of our small island; his father has a monopoly on the supermarket chain from Mega J and Big J down to small supermarkets like Eroline Foods. The Chastenets own Caribbean Metals and a chain of hotels.  The point is the Chastenet family is self-actualised in wealth. They run the country!

So why would Allan disgrace himself by exposing himself to so much ridicule.

The days following the massive Third World concert in Soufriere have been very disconcerting for Allan. More and more, he is being exposed to the elements as the Old Fox, Hon Dalson continues to tighten his grip. After his fatal “pen en panyen” gaffe, Allan has brought more woes unto himself by creating a new parish in Soufriere by the name of “Beausejour”.

How did it happen? Chastenet gave instructions to someone to drop off something on his behalf in Beausejour, Soufriere! Naturally - and much to the delight of Soufrierians - his new name is now Mr Beausejour.  If Chastenet wants to salvage a modicum of credibility during and after the general Elections, then he should take time out and take two crash courses about Soufriere: (a) the Social Studies of Soufriere and (b) the Geography of Soufriere.

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