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Saturday, November 26, 2011


I will never refer to Rick as a prostitute, even if that seems to be a widely held view; The late Sir John and Bro George have accused him of a litany of indiscretions and the evidence of those is ubiquitous on the internet and available for all to see. These indiscretions ranged from gay-for-pay to blatant nudity and the photos proliferate all over the internet to prove it. But, I guess, those were delinquent aberrations – just as Tucker’s passions for identity theft and grand theft auto were. In any case, it was well within Rick's right to use his body as he damned pleased!

While I respect Rick's rights and sexual preferences, I cannot say the same for his brand of "journalism". The former does not affect me; they are personal to him and his milieu! But I read the Star Newspaper and I am entitled to a view on what I read and who wrote it. 

My strong view is Rick Wayne has degenerated into a UWP-sponsored “ventriloquist” who masquerades as a journalist; since he got the OBE award, he has been behaving extraordinarily strangely.

According to Wikipedia, “ventriloquism is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) manipulates his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered dummy”.

This definition so aptly fits Rick’s journalism. Rick has become UWP’s puppeteered dummy through whom they unload their platform filth, political effluvia and even evil anathema on unsuspecting sections of the masses.

But that’s not all; Rick has a pathological abhorrence for truth and objectivity. His fixation with Kenny has skewed his rational faculties irretrievably – not that he was ever blessed with any rational aptitude.

Rick’s latest campaign song is “Lorne Theophilus”; and we all know Rufus Bousquet is paying the piper handsomely not just for singing, but also for other behind-the-scenes dissemination of SCL propaganda literature. All of a sudden, the criminal that Rick discovered in 2007 is now another Jesus Christ!

In an obvious reference to Bousquet in 2007, the publisher of the Star Newspaper Rick Wayne asked the following rhetorical question: “COULD A MURDERER BE ST. LUCIA’S NEXT PRIME MINISTER?” Today, he is busy outfitting that very person who he thought might have been a murderer with a Christly robe.  Yet, he says he abhors hypocrisy (sorry “hippacrasy”).

Rick also broke the BRUCE TUCKER story which proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Rufus is a federal ex-convict. Today, Rick wrote that Rufus confesses that’s all of those crimes belong to the past! But, doesn’t Rick realize that . . . TIME DOES NOT ERASE CRIMINALITY OR CRIMINAL RECORDS!

To some extent, Rick must be credited for the chronicle of Bousquet’s record of criminality in the Star. He was the one who proved to the nation that Bousquet was no ordinary criminal.

The question now is: if it were wrong in 2007, what makes it right now? And here I am not talking accusations – anybody can be accused of anything; I am talking about real convictions in a court of law. Bill Clinton, Derek Walcott, Sir John and Rufus Bousquet have all been publicly accused of some form of inappropriate sexual behavior. None was convicted. Hence, based on the age-old principle “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat”, they are all innocent!

But Rick selectively subscribes to the principle of “guilty by accusation”. He does not subscribe to the principle of “Guilty by conviction”; accusations are more important than convictions.

If Rick believed in criminal convictions, would he have asked Bousquet to spare St. Lucia further embarrassment and step down from politics because of his well-documented criminal convictions? Apparently, he is very comfortable with criminals in politics as along as the criminals belong to the UWP.

If by dint of a miracle Tucker were to win the Choiseul/Saltibus seat, I am not sure that he would be able to “represent and govern” because of the notoriety that surrounds him – a situation that might well result in an imminent bye election.

I have never in the history of St. Lucia come across a politician so tainted as Tucker. And I ask what have Choiseul/Saltibus done to warrant that curse?

Why do Mr Chou and Rick Wayne have so much faith in that criminal? Why does Rick endorse a candidate who he believes may be a MURDERER to stand in St. Lucia politics? Why does Rick stand behind Bruce Tucker?

Does Rick want a murderer to be our next PM?

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