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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” – Sir Isaac Newton

St. Lucia was an “object at rest”; but the unbalanced force of King and his men has pushed her into a very deep precipice of failure and now she’s in hospital in a critical condition.

The “free fall” began with the death of the Father of the Nation – a death which many people believe was tantamount to an “assassination”. Bruce Tucker – who was fired twice from Sir John’s Cabinet - is believed by many to be the chief architect of Sir John’s demise as revenge for his dismissal from Cabinet.

The fall continued with a spate of naked lies and half-truths about Sir John’s illness and death peddled by King when he was acting PM. And we may not be entirely out of place to believe that Sir John has left the King Government with a legacy of modisyon (curse), and one of the many signs is the "casting" of King into an extremely black hole of lies.

Another sign of the modisyon was the coup d’état attempt by the Super 8. For the first time in St. Lucia, a coup d’état was planned by the “Super 8 gang” members of the government against the sitting Prime Minister. He had to send Janine Compton to Barbados to seek help on his behalf.

However, the merchants of venom whose only ambition is to keep Kenny out of government at all costs intervened and compelled King to rehire Tucker back into cabinet and to even to make that US ex-convict St. Lucia’s Foreign Minister – another sign of modisyon! In the USA, criminals are sent to prison for breaking the law; in St. Lucia, criminals are rewarded by being elected to parliament.

When we thought the modisyon was over, more shameful news came. Firstly, the Economist magazine reported that St. Lucia had the second lowest IQ in the entire world. We believe one of two things could have happened: either their sampling was a boo-boo! Or that they used a sample from the Cabinet of Ministers.

Secondly, the US Statement Department accused us of widespread corruption, among other things. Indeed, a panel of Appeal Court judges confirmed that this was the case when the entire government was found guilty of participation in fraud. The Appeal Court went as far as to rule that the Minister for Tourism was not fit to hold public office.

Richard Frederick was charged for customs evasion; but the PM ordered the release of his vehicles whereupon he brought the government to court. He continued to sit as a member of the very government which he sued. He was never fired nor did he resign. Two other ministers were arrested for traffic violations and were freed by a magistrate who is now a candidate for the ruling party.

The Taiwanese Ambassador flouted our finance laws and our constitution with impunity.

To make matters worse, we were struck by Hurricane Tomas which devastated St. Lucia; the people of Fond st. Jacques, Bexon, Tete Chemin, Venus, Saltibus, Gertrine etc, continue to grovel from the effects.

We also witnessed a key minister of government being declared persona non-grata in the USA when his diplomatic and personal visas were revoked. Up to now, nobody has told us the truth about the visa revocation and sadly the accused minister is retained by the party and government to contest the general elections even when he resigned from government. In fact, the UWP has two candidates within its ranks who have been declared persona non grata in the USA. They are Richard Frederick and Rufus George Bousquet.

We are being afflicted by a plague of misfortunes; and things are getting worse and worse by the day. The cost in terms of the number of human lives lost has reached unprecedented proportions. We achieved a record for the number of homicides in 2010; and we may be well on course to break that record this year. We have just recorded the worst motor vehicle accident ever, where 19 persons perished in one single motor vehicle accident!

Are we now prepared to re-elect the worst government we have known in living memory? Will St. Lucia re-elect a bunch of jokers, thieves and criminals back to office? Will St. Lucia re-elect a gov’t which paid “Third World” the sum of $300,000 to perform in a town wrecked by Hurricane Thomas while the residents of Fond St. Jacques are still homeless? Will St. Lucia re-elect a government which did nothing for 5 years but can afford to run a billion-dollar campaign when many people have no jobs? Think before you vote!

Many St. Lucians perceive the country to be in a state of “free fall” for the past 4 years; and it has been just been a very small fraction of persons benefiting from Taiwanese largesse while the rest of the country is living in hell. This small minority has been very vociferous in the media, going as far as putting their necks on the block for this government.

But is it fair that 17 fellows and their cronies are living the life of millionaires while the rest gets nothing or just “Ti Canal” crumbs?

The most important force in this election is the media; but can we depend on them for guidance and enlightenment? Can we take our cue from them? The answer is obviously NO! Those fellows on the radio and TV working for their money and they have been paid millions to brainwash us.

The only resource we can depend on is the gift that God that gave us – our brains. So, let’s use our brains in this elections!

Brothers and Sisters, THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!

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