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Sunday, February 27, 2011

United Nations vote sanctions on Gaddafi

BBC, LONDON - The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to impose sanctions on Muammar Gaddafi's Libyan regime for its attempts to put down an uprising.

They backed an arms embargo and asset freeze while referring Colonel Gaddafi to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

US President Barack Obama has said the Libyan leader should step down and leave the country immediately.

Gaddafi still controls Tripoli, but eastern Libya has fallen to the uprising.

Discussions on forming an anti-Gaddafi transitional government are reportedly under way.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Should we accept aid from the devil?

Tucker’s ill-gotten goods machinery has suffered a huge blow. Prior to the democratic revolution in Libya, nobody knew about any pending aid package from the now embattled Muammar Kaddafi; but now that the regime of the wicked tyrant is crumbling, all of a sudden, St. Lucia’s Houdini of Foreign Affairs is pulling rabbits straight off the hat worth millions of dollars. According to the Foreign Minister, St. Lucia was due to have gotten a Development Bank worth one 100M dollars and a further $10 M in aid from Libya. The questions worth asking are: Why were there no disclosures in that regard before? Why is it only when the wicked Kaddafi regime is under a state of siege that the News is coming out? Where is the MOU between St. Lucia and Libya detailing the terms of the aid deal?

Apparently, the media in St. Lucia are lazy to investigate the story; they feed us with the verbatim pronouncements of a Foreign Minister who – because of his record - has absolutely no credibility. HTS should have done due diligence prior to reporting bluffs from politicians as "headline news".

But the big question is: Should we accept aid from the devil? Why should we accept aid from a leader who murders his very own people? If he does not love his people, then will he love us? Shouldn’t we totally dissociate ourselves from him? Should we do like the USA, UK, France and stand with the international community and condemn him in the strongest of terms?

Kaddafi is hiring mercenaries to kill his very own people and even the tribes who supported him overwhelmingly have defected. Now h is wicked regime is on the verge of crumbling, he is planning to run away, run away to Venezuela or Zimbabwe – the only two countries that may give him asylum; and if they turn him away, he will eventually end up committing suicide as a last resort.

Our foreign Minister should stand “Full Square” behind the international community and to get this murderer out of power so that the people of Libya can be liberated.

The question is why doesn’t Bousquet stand behind the international community? Or what’s preventing him from doing so and save St. Lucia’s image on the international scene? What do Bousquet and Kaddafi have so much in common that prevents Bousquet from condemning Kaddafi?

Rick Wayne may have a slight hearing problem; but he usually gets it right when he hears it. In 2007, he broke the news that Rufus Bousquet was a convict who served time in a US federal prison in LA under the name Bruce Tucker. Thanks to Rick today that we all can go into “inmate locator” under the Federal Bureau of Prison and verify that Bousquet was released from the US Federal prison in 09-12-1984. His registered prison number is 77316-012.

Rick also warned us about the possibility of a murderer being our next prime Minister. Rick wrote the article “Will our murderer be our next prime minister” at the time when there was widespread talk that Bousquet was rallying his “Super 8” gang to support him as Prime Minister. It was not clear what Rick meant: was he referring to the murder of Sir John or the other murders which allegedly happened in the US?

Quiet apart from the enlightenment from Rick Wayne, Tucker’s own mother has confessed to a group of friends that her own son broke her arm.

These are more than a mouthful for a handsome, well-spoken young man who wants to be PM and that takes me to the question I asked earlier: what do Kaddafi and Bousquet have in common?

Indeed, they are both criminals who are bent on holding onto power at all costs. But what motivates these two criminals to want to hold onto power at all costs? Studies have shown that criminals are endowed with a tenacity of mind and spirit and that it is that overwhelming tenacity that drives their criminal behavior. 

Like Kaddafi, Bousquet is “criminally tenacious’. He does not care about breaking laws and has no qualms about it; he has done this so many times before and has survived the punishment by incarceration. So now that the electorate has breathed legitimacy into him and has legalized his criminality, he has acquired a new lease, a new license to continue his criminal behaviour. The callous disrespect and violations of the Finance Administration Act is just one such example.

But the question is: should we ever be friends with Libya? Shouldn’t we have learned from the terrible mistakes of Brother George? We learnt then that Kaddafi was a devil and today – by the genocide against his own people - he has shown to be even a greater Devil. We can’t afford to be his friend in any form or fashion. Let us rally with the international community to do what is necessary to liberate the Libyan people from the genocide by Kaddafi.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


2006 : Crimes is #1 campaign agenda item for Bousquet and friends. Today: Bousquet says crime should be depoliticized. Another campaign trick? But which one should Bousquet be more preoccupied with: the "criminalization" of St. Lucian politics by convicted politicians or the de-politicization of crime? How can a criminal politician call for the de-politicization of crime when he is criminalizing politics?

Let us compare the two photos above - do you see any difference? Can our crime situation now be compared with the on-going war in the Gaza (ironically Israelis will soon be among us to help with the crime problem)? Under this present UWP administration the crime situation has become so overwhelming that the National Security Minister has had to deploy masked police with machine guns to quell criminal behaviour in the city. Will rocket launchers and tanks be the next set of crime hardware to be deployed on our streets by the UWP?

Today, Rufus "Bruce Duane Tucker" Bouquet was on the radio begging St. Lucians to de-politicize crime.

Lest we be distracted by the SCL, St. Lucians will remember that in 2006 the UWP made crime its #1 campaign agenda item. For those who deliberately choose to continuously deny the facts, I reproduce below a section of the 2006 UWP manifesto:

In 2006, we were on a daily basis constantly bombarded with crime statistics by Bouquets and friends. The "Merchant of Venom" and his media friends ad infinitum reminded us that "the buck stops with the Prime Minister". Today, we hear a different song;

- the AG says, "I don't believe in statistics",
- Minister of National Security, Guy Mayers wants the media to stop reporting crime,
- Rufus Bousquet wants crime off the agenda for next elections.
- even Juke Bois is now calling for less crime to be reported on the radio.

Soon this government may block the blackberry service in St Lucia. This UWP administration is desperate.

Bruce Tucker is once again using his dirty tricks and dirty money in an attempt to manipulate the next elections. Can a convicted criminal really advised St. Lucians on how to manage the crime problem? Can a man who is himself breaking our finance laws speak about any plan to address our crime problem? Can a liar, who promised Choiseul a hotel, housing scheme, ICT centers, etc, be trusted? Shame on the 6 aiders and abettors who recently convened a meeting in Reunion, Choiseul to plan Tucker's campaign. Is that the example they would like to leave with their children?

The Choiseul Powerhouse will champion the cause of all Choiseulians who are eager to save our nation and our children the embarrassment of a criminal politician being our district rep and our nation's foreign minister. It's time we start walking with our head up with pride so that our own children can be proud of us. "We want Bousquet to keep his dirty tricks and his dirty, stolen money out of our elections."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


People of Choiseul/Saltibus (and especially Saltibus where Sir John was most loved) are these days having nightmares about Tucker and some are asking: what is King still doing with Tucker inside his Cabinet?

Why did Sir John fire Tucker?
There are two major reasons that prompted Sir John to fire Tucker from the Cabinet when he was on his dying bed. Firstly, Sir John had earlier discovered that Tucker was a “hard core criminal” who had spent most of his time in the USA in prison and had gone to jail on at least 4 separate occasions: once for identity fraud; twice for grand theft auto (he actually made a living while in the USA by stealing cars); and possibly a fourth time for murder, as Rick Wayne suggested in his Star headlines a couple of years ago. The POWERHOUSE wrote to the Federal Bureau of Prisons for the release of that information and we will confirm Tucker’s prison record when that official information becomes available. 

The second reason why Sir John fired Tucker had to do with Sir John’s own untimely death precipitated by a barrage of verbal attacks, insults and threats hurled against the Father of the Nation by Tucker during that Cabinet meeting which is widely known to be the cause of his untimely death. Although God gave him the time and strength he required to fire the criminal from the cabinet, Sir John never recovered from those attacks mounted against him and now he rests in peace. May God bless his soul.

More information coming soon
In the days ahead, we expect more information will be released by Sir John’s family to the public on the exact criminal circumstances and the role that the other culprits in cabinet played in his untimely demise. In fact, some of that information has been released to certain confidants who are awaiting the directive from the first lady to proceed. 

Tucker charging consultancy fees
Information reaching the POWERHOUSE indicates that Tucker’s operations as foreign minister are dishonest, illegal and criminal. Some of the investors who do business with him have disclosed that he actually solicits an initial “negotiation fee” from them as a precondition for the approval of their investment proposals. According to Dr Anthony who broke the news to a record breaking crowd at the University of the Markets, Tucker has amassed millions of dollars’ worth of wealth in that regard and that has enabled him to purchase, at least a massive Condo at Rodney Bay for spanking 2.2 million in cash. 

From that perspective, we can understand why investments in St. Lucia has shrunk to the extent it did.
It was for similar reasons that Sir John fired him the first time when he was the Minister for International Financial Services, for demanding a negotiation fee (which was worth millions) from an offshore bank as a pre-condition for approval to do business in St. Lucia.
While he has time, he better enjoys it for I see another Alan Sanford, another Madoff in the making.

Millions of dollars’ worth of relief supplies at the Free Zone
It is indeed heart-breaking to see so many people suffering from the impact of Hurricane Tomas while Tucker is hoarding millions of dollars’ worth of relief supplies in the Free Zone in Vieux Fort for campaign purposes. How can a parliamentary rep be so callous when there are hundreds of people (especially in Mongouge, Saltibus, Piaye, Gertrine and Morne Jacques) reeling from the effects of Hurricane Tomas?

The residents of Choiseul/Saltibus are now learning a cruel lesson about their parliamentary representative’s prison record. They loved and trusted him yesterday; and today, they are learning that the man they elected to the highest office in the land is a criminal with multiple convictions with possible more criminal convictions hovering over his head. It’s a situation of utter shame and disgrace for our constituency and country.

May God put a hand!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When the United Workers Party took over government 4 years ago Rufus Bousquet and Richard Frederick promised Choiseulians a hotel in River Doree/La Fargue and a housing scheme in Balenbouche.

We the Choiseul Powerhouse did not fall into Bousquet hypnosis and today we produce records (PART 1) of his false promises. Bousquet words have not match his actions and the people of Choiseul will not allow him to get away with this anymore.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The New York Times described it as “a windswept ridge” and went on to add: “set off against it like a Turner seascape was the grandeur of Gros Piton, one of two volcanic peaks that make St. Lucia probably the most picturesque tourist destination in the Caribbean.”

I am referring to Mongouge. The geographical demarcation of Mongouge begins at Ravineau junction in the North and spans Mongouge proper, Ponyon and Martin in the South. It also includes upper Morne Sion in the Southwest. Its exact coordinates on the map are 61.02’42.49”W and 13.48’04.92”N.
Mongouge youth proudly rides horse in the hot day sun giving friend and bicycle a ride

Unofficially, it is claimed that Mongouge was named Mon Rouge after the ethnicity of its original inhabitants who were poor French Whites displaced from the mainstream plantation activities by the Sugar Revolution. They came from France in pursuit of an entrepreneurial life after serving in the war and initially sought their fortunes on small scale Tobacco plantations; but because they were small peasant farmers with limited or no means of production, they never realized their dream of wealth.

When the sugar Revolution sounded the death knell of their entrepreneurial pursuits, they had no choice but to migrate to the Mongouge Ridge, a secluded “windswept ridge” where they settled.

It was the settlement on that ridge – also referred to as the settlement on the Hill - that became the exclusive and unique “straw-chair capital” of St. Lucia.

Oral traditional accounts claimed that the straw chair was “invented” by Zaza – a poor “French white” who came to St. Lucia from Martinique - and was unofficially patented in honour of him.

In its earlier days, Mongouge was a secluded community inhabited by poor French whites and remained that way until the late 17th century when one of the sons of Avance/Alphonse broke the tradition of “ethnic exclusivity” and married a Negro; indeed, he incurred the wrath of the rest of the community but that did not stop the domino effect that followed.

The next two inter-racial weddings quickly happened - with two other brothers marrying yet another Negro and a Carib respectively; hence, the genesis of the birth of Mongouge as an inter-racial community. That’s why Mongouge is generally referred to as a community of “red people” or “shabines”. However, nature’s tendency towards randomness has over time played its part well and equalized issues of ethnicity and race in the community.

The Carascos were part of the Essential 5 Band

Mongouge has a rich cultural tradition and also has its own economic and social characteristics: its economy is based primarily on cottage industry; but subsistence farming is also prevalent. It has produced some of the best musicians in St. Lucia, including string virtuosos like Mr Harris, his late brother Francis (Loco) and the late Mr Frederick (all violinists); the late Victor Carasco (Faniere) and Frederick Charles (Burrow) were also excellent guitarists and banjo players.

Up to this day, the Carascos continue to distinguish themselves in the field of music with three of the family offspring becoming world class, professional musicians.

Mongouge also has a strong “drum” tradition which is alive and well. St. Lucia’s arguably best harmonica player (Argolore) also hails from Mongouge.

But Mongouge today is in the doldrums. There are worrying signs of social decay and decadence with fly-by-night politicians imposing themselves on the community. They embark on white elephant projects without proper community needs or organisational needs analyses - all in the pursuit of power. The poverty Statistics in Mongouge is over 50%

But there is hope: Mongouge today also has an emerging intelligentsia of the highest calibre. In fact, a recent island Scholar came from Mongouge; in addition, a number of "Mongougians" are now pursuing both undergrad and postgrad studies with at least two of them (Augustin Charles and Leonard Johnny) completing their PhDs. (Incidentally, the former taught the latter)

So even in the face of the odds against us, the groundwork for our long term economic liberation is being laid by the people of Mongouge themselves. And whereas, we worry about the social decay and the exacerbation of it by Ti Canal bluff projects, we are extremely proud of our academic achievements and there is even more to come. 

The answers for development of a country come from its human resource. With the blessings in telecommunications and good road network side by side with our educational achievements, Mongouge is poised for the quantum leap in development. That's why the elders who have benefited from education are playing their part in inspiring the young ones to take the right path - a path away from drugs, crime and misery. 

Long live our Community on the Hill! Long live Mongouge!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The ill-gotten Goods Story: Is Choiseul /Saltibus for Sale?

We would have never imagined it; but it is happening! More and more, it is looking like Choiseul/Saltibus is for sale. For 4 years, the district rep kept the constituency hungry and in misery while he fattened his pockets and today, he is using his ill-gotten goods as bait to hoodwink us in Choiseul/Saltibus to vote for him.

The grand plan was finalized at a meeting held on Wednesday when he rolled out his campaign strategy to his UWP Project Team (UWP-PT). The team comprises 6 members, two of whom are Public Servants in the Ministry of Agriculture and the the Ministry of National Security respectively. The other members are as follows: two from Reunion, one from Saltibus and a “mysterious” stranger in a heavily tinted vehicle who is seen only at nights in Tucker’s Office.

The honcho is charge of the UWP-PT is an ex-public servant who is now an employee in the Ministry of National Security.

Reports reaching the Powerhouse indicate that an initial sum of one million dollars has been allocated to the UWP-PT for the Tucker campaign for bluff projects and to purchase the votes of vulnerable people.

You will recall in the last election, allegations of the fraudulent practice were abound. There was a secret Choiseul Mafia Network who distributed a million dollars to voters during election week. The Network was being advised by the mind-bending Strategic Communications Labs.

But this time around, there are new developments. Tucker has kicked out some of the honchos who worked on the UWP-PT last year. One of the irate ex-team members called the Powerhouse on condition of anonymity to break the story. He reported that this time around that Tucker has a lot more money to spend; and according to him Tucker has moved on to employ more expensive “educated fools who were traitors last elections”. “Not even Jimmy and Gilo were invited to the meeting”, he said.

Irrespective of the excessive “illegal” money in their possession, they are still riddled with internal division; everybody wants a piece of the cake and apparently Tucker does not have the expertise to handle the greedy motley crew he created.

Tucker’s Campaign finance comes from the governments of Taiwan, Morocco and Portugal. The funds from Morocco and Portugal are bona fide money and were meant for purposes of post-Tomas rehabilitation but have been fraudulently diverted by Tucker to his election Campaign war chest.

In a subsequent article, the Powerhouse will disclose a financial statement of the Sources and Application of Tucker’s ill-gotten goods.

Friday, February 11, 2011






“Bousquet's vision for the community of momgouge continues to manifest itself.

This is an update of progress works on the Mongouge Centre. Workers have been putting in a lot of effort to have this centre completed by the first half of this year.

The residents of this community are anxiously awaiting its completion.”








Meanwhile, a subscriber has submitted this comment by email:

“Yes! all of sudden, TUCKER is busy with his Bluff projects. Do you know of the rehabilitation of the "structurally unsound" Mongouge Multipurpose Court which a team of engineers have been to commissioned to review is also another MONGOUGE BLUFF PROJECT?

I hope he has an appropriate public liability insurance policy in place for users? Apparently, TUCKER loves to go to prison; but Lorne will deal with that when the time comes!”
-      Email writer