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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Choiseul Man Questions Bousquet's Confused Priorities

Today a fellow Choiseulian phoned-in to RCI’s Newspin to question the district rep confused priorities: while health care continues to deteriorate in the south of the island, Bousquet continues to fixate on his Bruce Tucker Stand. What is the current administration’s plan for St. Jude, a hospital which serves St. Lucians from Soufriere to Choiseul to Dennery, the caller asked? What has Bouquet in his capacity as Foreign Affairs Minister and the representative for Choiseul done to get St. Jude’s back on stream? Why focus on a Bruce Tucker Stand now when the people of Saltibus still suffer from the effects of Tomas? Shouldn’t the government focus now, instead, on rebuilding St. Judes? And after St. Jude has been rebuilt, can’t the state of the art George Odlum stadium be used by the athletes of Choiseul temporarily while we build our own? These were the issues raised by the caller on Newsspin today.

GrosPiton of The Choiseul Powerhouse wishes to commend the caller for taking this bold initiative to call Newsspin. Good job my friend. I wish I knew you. I hope this encourages more Choiseulians to follow in your footstep; so the rest of St. Lucia can be made aware of the dismal performance of the district rep in the community of Choiseul.


  1. I agree totally with that caller. Health care is critical and Tucker and his government have done little for the Health of the people. Thank God we now have a good Samaritan helping the elderly in Roblot with their health care.

    Could he have used that money to do something for the people of Saltibus and Gertrine? Or could he have used it for a Youth Development project?

    It has already been said: this is not a stadium; it is a bluff. $1.5 million cannot build a stadium.

  2. I agree totally , all over the south there are refurbished or new " Wellness Centres " ,and you had better be well as there is a doctor one day a week if you are lucky ! what is needed instead of some grandiose stadium is at the very least a triage nurse at the wellness centres plus a Doctor on call 24 hrs a day, what do you do if you happen to fall sick on the day after the doctor attends, live in an outlying area and have no transport or anyone to drive you ? Go and play football of course , you will soon feel better!