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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


People of Choiseul/Saltibus (and especially Saltibus where Sir John was most loved) are these days having nightmares about Tucker and some are asking: what is King still doing with Tucker inside his Cabinet?

Why did Sir John fire Tucker?
There are two major reasons that prompted Sir John to fire Tucker from the Cabinet when he was on his dying bed. Firstly, Sir John had earlier discovered that Tucker was a “hard core criminal” who had spent most of his time in the USA in prison and had gone to jail on at least 4 separate occasions: once for identity fraud; twice for grand theft auto (he actually made a living while in the USA by stealing cars); and possibly a fourth time for murder, as Rick Wayne suggested in his Star headlines a couple of years ago. The POWERHOUSE wrote to the Federal Bureau of Prisons for the release of that information and we will confirm Tucker’s prison record when that official information becomes available. 

The second reason why Sir John fired Tucker had to do with Sir John’s own untimely death precipitated by a barrage of verbal attacks, insults and threats hurled against the Father of the Nation by Tucker during that Cabinet meeting which is widely known to be the cause of his untimely death. Although God gave him the time and strength he required to fire the criminal from the cabinet, Sir John never recovered from those attacks mounted against him and now he rests in peace. May God bless his soul.

More information coming soon
In the days ahead, we expect more information will be released by Sir John’s family to the public on the exact criminal circumstances and the role that the other culprits in cabinet played in his untimely demise. In fact, some of that information has been released to certain confidants who are awaiting the directive from the first lady to proceed. 

Tucker charging consultancy fees
Information reaching the POWERHOUSE indicates that Tucker’s operations as foreign minister are dishonest, illegal and criminal. Some of the investors who do business with him have disclosed that he actually solicits an initial “negotiation fee” from them as a precondition for the approval of their investment proposals. According to Dr Anthony who broke the news to a record breaking crowd at the University of the Markets, Tucker has amassed millions of dollars’ worth of wealth in that regard and that has enabled him to purchase, at least a massive Condo at Rodney Bay for spanking 2.2 million in cash. 

From that perspective, we can understand why investments in St. Lucia has shrunk to the extent it did.
It was for similar reasons that Sir John fired him the first time when he was the Minister for International Financial Services, for demanding a negotiation fee (which was worth millions) from an offshore bank as a pre-condition for approval to do business in St. Lucia.
While he has time, he better enjoys it for I see another Alan Sanford, another Madoff in the making.

Millions of dollars’ worth of relief supplies at the Free Zone
It is indeed heart-breaking to see so many people suffering from the impact of Hurricane Tomas while Tucker is hoarding millions of dollars’ worth of relief supplies in the Free Zone in Vieux Fort for campaign purposes. How can a parliamentary rep be so callous when there are hundreds of people (especially in Mongouge, Saltibus, Piaye, Gertrine and Morne Jacques) reeling from the effects of Hurricane Tomas?

The residents of Choiseul/Saltibus are now learning a cruel lesson about their parliamentary representative’s prison record. They loved and trusted him yesterday; and today, they are learning that the man they elected to the highest office in the land is a criminal with multiple convictions with possible more criminal convictions hovering over his head. It’s a situation of utter shame and disgrace for our constituency and country.

May God put a hand!


  1. Cyberboss, please publish the following:

    Tucker is stealing big time from the state to buy votes. he stole the contributions from Portugal, Morocco to the state and hid it in the Credit Union under a Village council account. He has a pack of councilors who are being used as tools. Is it because they are getting their cut?

    Tucker did not represent the constituency for 4 years. H said he was to busy doing foreign affairs. Now he is busy trying to con them.

    How can we end crime in St. Lucia when the government is a criminal? The criminal in chief is Bruce Tucker.

    I know Lorne is a legal mind with exceptional talent. I hope he is putting his legal case together to bring that criminal and all his accessories to justice.

  2. the only question I have is why is Bousquet still in the cabinet ? Indeed why has he not been prosecuted already. Reps have to sign a declaration that they are not convicted criminals before they are sworn in so that is one offence. The sooner he is prosecuted for the offences allegedly committed while Foreign Minister the better as a)if found guilty his ill gotten gains will be seized b) we will gain our respect back with the rest of the world who will rightly assume we are all like him if we do nothing and c) we will be able to have a fair election

  3. Young Girl from PiayeFebruary 16, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    Is that the criminal or the arrogant look or both? This man scares me to death. I went looking for a job from him and you won't want believe what his conditions were. I am new to the blog and I will tell the full story later. I just want to warn young girls to stay away from him.

  4. Young girl from Piaye,

    You can email me the story at and I'll consider publishing it or can can email me your number and I can call and talk to you. I am interested in that story