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Thursday, February 17, 2011


2006 : Crimes is #1 campaign agenda item for Bousquet and friends. Today: Bousquet says crime should be depoliticized. Another campaign trick? But which one should Bousquet be more preoccupied with: the "criminalization" of St. Lucian politics by convicted politicians or the de-politicization of crime? How can a criminal politician call for the de-politicization of crime when he is criminalizing politics?

Let us compare the two photos above - do you see any difference? Can our crime situation now be compared with the on-going war in the Gaza (ironically Israelis will soon be among us to help with the crime problem)? Under this present UWP administration the crime situation has become so overwhelming that the National Security Minister has had to deploy masked police with machine guns to quell criminal behaviour in the city. Will rocket launchers and tanks be the next set of crime hardware to be deployed on our streets by the UWP?

Today, Rufus "Bruce Duane Tucker" Bouquet was on the radio begging St. Lucians to de-politicize crime.

Lest we be distracted by the SCL, St. Lucians will remember that in 2006 the UWP made crime its #1 campaign agenda item. For those who deliberately choose to continuously deny the facts, I reproduce below a section of the 2006 UWP manifesto:

In 2006, we were on a daily basis constantly bombarded with crime statistics by Bouquets and friends. The "Merchant of Venom" and his media friends ad infinitum reminded us that "the buck stops with the Prime Minister". Today, we hear a different song;

- the AG says, "I don't believe in statistics",
- Minister of National Security, Guy Mayers wants the media to stop reporting crime,
- Rufus Bousquet wants crime off the agenda for next elections.
- even Juke Bois is now calling for less crime to be reported on the radio.

Soon this government may block the blackberry service in St Lucia. This UWP administration is desperate.

Bruce Tucker is once again using his dirty tricks and dirty money in an attempt to manipulate the next elections. Can a convicted criminal really advised St. Lucians on how to manage the crime problem? Can a man who is himself breaking our finance laws speak about any plan to address our crime problem? Can a liar, who promised Choiseul a hotel, housing scheme, ICT centers, etc, be trusted? Shame on the 6 aiders and abettors who recently convened a meeting in Reunion, Choiseul to plan Tucker's campaign. Is that the example they would like to leave with their children?

The Choiseul Powerhouse will champion the cause of all Choiseulians who are eager to save our nation and our children the embarrassment of a criminal politician being our district rep and our nation's foreign minister. It's time we start walking with our head up with pride so that our own children can be proud of us. "We want Bousquet to keep his dirty tricks and his dirty, stolen money out of our elections."


  1. Boss, I sent you a BB last night about a meeting between Tucker and a couple of respectable citizens at an undisclosed location. I was looking forward read something on the powerhouse.

    Either these fellows are greedy or have no shame.

    Check your email for the information. A big, tall fellow with a big belly was there along with a red-skinned teacher (from Dacretin)from Piaye Secondary. Also an accountant from castries was present. St. Ohm was also there and a fellah from Saltibus. Don't these fellows have no shame.

    someone told me that the Big belly fellow is bankrupt and the credit union is about to sieze him and Tucker promise him help. Is that true?

  2. Doc, did you and jimmy have an altercation tonight? you better watch out. The tucker anger is a communicable disease and these fellows catching it from their master like the AIDS virus.

    Stay away from them. not even a miracle will save them, far less the dirty, stolen money.

    We will play the pork barrel politics: eat everyting he has, drink everyting and VOTE HIM OUT BIG TIME.



  3. We have four (4) editors: two from St. Lucia (one from Choiseul an the other from Castries; and two others in the diaspora (the USA and UK). We also have a webmaster and a network of contributors and whistle blowers. We get many emails every day from all over the world sharing information with us.

    Most of the photography is amateurish done by CYBERBOSS and whistleblowers.

  4. A baron on RADIO 100 "CAN I HELP YOU" with Andre Paul. A criminal politicizing a TalkShow. We should start the process by decriminalizing politics and hope this will lead to the de-politicizing crime

  5. Happy Independence Day To All.
    Thirty-two years after gaining independence, there are powerful forces in St. Lucia trying to manipulate our minds with propaganda. It is time to take a stand against this psychological warfare; time to take a stand against corruption; time to take a stand against bad government. I think Bob Marley said it best in his ‘Redemption Song- Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.’

    So true brother Bob, claiming to be independent is not enough; redemption is what we need, redemption from mental captivity; we need to free our minds so that we can start thinking positively, making righteous and decisive choices that will be more impactful on us as a nation.

  6. Happy 32nd Independence Anniversary.

    On this Independence Day, the media is still pushing Bruce Tucker's agenda. RSL and Helen FM carried similar stories on Tucker this morning; Tucker is reportedly disturbed by the unrest in Libya as he thinks that will affect proposed projects which would have relied on aid from Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. Is this an "advanced" excuse for Tucker's empty election promises?

  7. Tucker is "disturbed about unrest in Libya and projects in St. Lucia"? What crap! I think Tucker is much more this disturbed with getting Libyan funds to maintain his newly acquired 2.2 million dollar condo.
    Happy Independence Day Choiseul.

  8. Does Bousquet subscribe to dictatorship philosophy? While the Libyans are fighting for freedom and democracy, Bousquet is more concern with the dollars he is going to lose from that country.