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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bousquet’s criminal logic

If any of us had doubts that Bousquet was uneducated, then listening to him on Sunday at Doddy's launching should enlighten us. No educated person would indulge in the criminal logic that the man carrying the honour of St. Lucia’s Foreign Minister pursued yesterday. It is however noteworthy that he seems to be gradually "stripping himself" of the Foreign Affairs portfolio by default and it is no wonder that his constituents are already perceiving him as just a "part time" foreign minister with his main office in Choiseul.

An important question is: Why should Tucker in these hard times deprive the NIC purse of much-needed income and proceed to rent a lavish office at the Bay Walk Mall when he has - for all intents and purposes -  relocated his Foreign Affairs Office to the Hughlan St. Rose House in Reunion in Choiseul giving the impression that he is operating as a part-time minister?

I am sure you heard his double-talk about increased efficiency as a basis for renting those offices and that leads me to another question: What is efficient about renting an office for $114,000 a month and choosing to operate part time in a remote, hidden corner in Reunion, Choiseul? In a previous session of parliament, Tucker pleaded with Choiseulians to be patient with him because, according to him, the job of foreign minister was taxing and important. All of a sudden that has changed. Today, his overseas missions take him only as far as Choiseul/Saltibus and back. All of a sudden, Choiseul/Saltibus has become the "World of Foreign Affairs" for Tucker.

If he no longer wishes to be Foreign Minister, then he should be honest about it. Why should he receive a $10,000 salary and operate part time in a job which he deems so critical to the development of st. Lucia? And as if to say that Bay Walk was not enough, he is further imposing an additional economic burden on the taxpayers of this country. If he is honest and has a conscience and feels that he does not deserve the esteemed positions he holds, then he should do justice to himself and the taxpayers by simply resigning. But again it goes to show his dishonesty with the people of St. Lucia.

Bousquet displayed the audacity of a criminal when he said the UWP was strongest ever and will win 14 seats next election. This was not only wishful thinking, but intellectual fraud. It is noteworthy that elections have not even been called and the UWP (or is it former UWP?) has already lost its safest seat. Their margin is now 10-7 and with the overwhelming problems that they bring to this country, I would not be surprised if the situation gets much worse in the coming days; for I can't see Spider co-habiting much longer with Tucker, Chastanet and Richard. Further, the UWP has no "social mind" and an implosion may well be imminent, whether it be before or after the General Elections.In fact, most of the Ministers are self-imploding with anger and we can't have a regime of angry, disorganised and desperate pseudo-politicians in charge of our country.

Even the indefatigable Pro-UWP Juke Bois snubbed profusely at Tucker's criminal logic that the Pseudo-Flambeaus will win more seats. Just short of calling Tucker a mad man, Juke Bois "calcimayed" him for his stupidity. Juke Bois hosts a Talk Show programme and he is very much aware of the writing on the wall. In addition, he is also aware that not even the "free" PR afforded to this bunch of jokers is having an impact.

Tucker at best is a daydreamer who spends a lot of his time doing wishful thinking. I have no doubt that he is very much aware of his own position in Choiseul/Saltibus where Lorne is riding on a wave of support perhaps in the order of a double-digit margin. Tucker's own Blog has overwhelming evidence in that regard, where every online poll – albeit unscientific – has pointed to Bousquet’s dwindling support. Even the Social Transformation Officer recently trounced him in a Man of the Year contest.

A popular school of thought in Choiseul/Saltibus is Tucker stole the last elections from Dr Joseph and he probably believes he will repeat this crime again; but in the words of President Obama “not this time, not now”. No criminal plan in 2006 will be repeated in 2011 or 2012.

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