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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Musa Questions Timing of Airport Beautification Project

Comrade Moses “Musa” Jn Baptiste made a dynamic presentation to the House of Parliament this week. He was simply inspiring to watch; another demonstration of the awesome talent which exist within the Labour camp.

Throughout his enthralling performance, Comrade Musa made it clear to the house that he was not against the airport development project, but he however questioned its timing; “why attempt to raise $378 000 000 to beautify an airport when so many St. Lucians still suffer from the effects of hurricane Tomas?”

Many homes and farms remain inaccessible after hurricane Tomas; several people are still homeless. Despite the current situation, the current UWP administration #1 priority remains their election agenda, as indicated by PM King in a television interview a few days ago. Closer to home, we see the same practice, carrying over from the heart of the UWP, taking place in Choiseul – a Bruce Tucker Stand for Choiseul/Saltibus while we continue to be denied a proper medical facility, and the people of Saltibus continue to suffer the effects of Tomas.

Click play button below to listen to an excerpt from Musa’s contribution.


  1. Truth told Musa: brilliant presentation. This is how a district rep should speak in the House; always on behalf of his people. Talking about their sufferings

  2. This presentation draw a moment of silence in the house. The King administration isn't for the people and we need to get them out.

  3. Well said Musa, even without Tomas I think there were far more important things to spend money than a new airport. I would like to know how a new airport would attract more visitors, of course ,it won't. Visitors do not expect the equivalent of Heathrow or JFK in our small country. What they WOULD appreciate is more immigration officers , customs officers and to get their baggage asap so that they will get through the formalities as quickly as possible.I doubt there would be any money left after this 'jobs for the boys ' project to provide more officials so nothing would change. After a 10 hour flight the average traveller does not give a hoot about the building but is only interested in getting to their final destination