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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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  1. Wow wow wow! lol. I cudn't believe dat after ah hard day me cudda feel so revitalized. Hats off to powerhouse TV! I feel like someone or some people finally understand the values of Choiseulians & Lucians.

    Mehsieh, we can't forget crowding Sabwisha during summer holidays, religiously, to do the healthy socializing we grew up knowing in our shared swimming pool. We can't forget Explosion and Hungry Lion HIFI under that little tree on top of that little hill and pleasuring the joyful hearts with a little music. We can't forget DOTCOM Sounds putting Sabwisha on the map - every Sunday, Holiday, boring day bringing buses load of ecstatic people(round-de-island-crew) to flood our precious & inviting Sabwisha. Like a drug they could never get enough. We must recall HOTTA FIRE celebrating his Millionaire transformation along with the piton 2-4-5, Guinness 2-4-6 signature-promotions to name a few. Me can never forget Sabwisha winning the "Comfort 2000" prize and the rumors that followed, suggesting that the head committee "teeth" the toilet & recreation facility (or was it the money). I tell u rumors is sumting else. I can't say it all but we all must remember the games we play at nights at Sabwisha. Tee ma mai fete en sa mweh dee! lol.

    Simply put, Sabwisha, is part of us and we shall fight to protect it.

    The AG belongs where men wear earings, Federick lives by the gun and shall - - - by it, Tucker is supposed to be in Hollywood and Rufus in the neighborhood but both seem more interested in TomChewhood. All of them have their swimming pools at their mansions, be it Cap estate, corinth, whereever.....and they want to come take ours again. Tell them JACK...fellas we Choiseulians know where we belong and it is remarkable that Lorne is on the same page with us. Sabwisha is part of Choiseul and Choiseul belongs to Choiseulians in its entirety.

    Powerhouse Thank you for making me feel some form of Patriotism once again. I can argue again that Gros Piton (the landmark, not the one on PH, lol) is located in Choiseul. Until next time.

  2. Bitch for our BeachesJanuary 19, 2011 at 11:27 PM

    Indeed! Sabwisha is already fenced. Did Tucker know all along that this was coming and as we say "pwen duvant avant duvant pwen"? We have already been banned from Sab Wisha ages ago, even if it has not been officially sold. In fact, there has been a concerted effort a long time ago to ban us from the beach. Choiseul was the first casualty. Are so ignorant that we swallow everything that is push into our throats? We are the descendants of great families like the Theophiluses, the Kings, the Charles', the Isaacs, the Hercules' the Jnbaptistes, Phillips to name a few. Then why should we behave like ignoramuses. It is time to stand up and show our greatness by speaking out against the rape of ouir patrimony.

  3. You all fellahs will learn. The next thing will be for Tucker to sell all of we. Remember, his occupation on the voters list is "Business MANAGER". What is the Business he is managing? No disclosure!

    He maybe in the process of selling us to the three highest bidders: Taiwan, Morocco and Portugal. Judging from the amount of money that he is getting "under the table" from these fellahs for his campaign, I wouldn't be surprised that the auction for St. lucia has begun.

    By the way, I hear that he is offering Moroccan scholarships. Parents beware, there is a lot of human trafficking in these parts. Accept the scholarship at your own risk.

    you remember how "Manistaste" from Reunion disappeared during the last election. Choiseul Saltibus, watch out!