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Friday, January 28, 2011


In the pursuit of his achievements, Bruce Tucker has picked up two honours of distinction along the way: (a) the Tucker Law and (b) “Minister Ti Canal” for St. Lucia. The former is related his execution and implementation style. The latter is based on his obsession with illusive, small, low- or no-impact drainage projects which include mostly UWP HOPE-like cutting grass jobs for the boys.

The Tucker Law is “a Bruce Tucker principle” which grants him and his campaign team exclusive ownership rights of all projects that happened in his constituency during his tenure. In other words, every single project which happened in Choiseul is his private property on lease to the constituents, irrespective of who builds it.

For example, the Mongouge Multipurpose Centre which was conceived during the Kenny Administration and currently being built by the Ministry of Social Transformation through SSDF is Tucker’s private property; the Bois D’Inde and Morne Jacques roads built by the MCWT&PU are also his personal property. According to the tenets of that law, not even the government of the UWP can claim ownership of the achievements for Choiseul/Saltibus; every development in Choiseul is the personal property of a messiah named Tucker sent down from heaven to bring development to Choiseul.

Minister of Ti Canal

If anyone had any doubt about his status as St. Lucia’s Minister Ti Canal and Choiseul/Saltibus as the “Ti Canal” constituency, then Part 2 of his achievements proves the point: His blog wrote and I quote verbatim:

“Because of the properly constructed drains run-off waters were channeled correctly. This is what vision is about! Drainage works were carried out in La Maze, Victoria, La Fargue, Roblot, Jetrine, Rivere Doree, Savanne George, Saltibus, Balca, Boisden, Cafierre and the rest.”

“Many retaining walls were constructed around the district to preserve the integrity of our roads. In one particular instance a retaining wall was constructed to preserve life and property as four houses were precariously perched over a recently occurred land slippage

There can be no doubt that Bousquet has been laying down the infrastructural foundation for future developments in his constituency”

End of quote.

The truth is I could not see many of those drainage works as I drove through those areas; only bluff-like "illusions' of them. The Minister for Ti Canal and his blog have taken the truth to its extreme elastic limit using the “politics of bluff and deceit”.

Even if he has been enlisted into the “Hall of Fame” as St. Lucia’s “Minister of Ti Canal”, Tucker must rise above dragging us into canal politics.

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