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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What we saw of and for Tomas were indeed frightening. What we didn’t see and don’t know (and perhaps will never know) might be even more frightening.

Ever since the passage of the storm, I have been arguing that certain parts of Saltibus and Gertrine are geotechnical disasters which need urgent attention. Unfortunately, I have never seen  any news on TV or radio in that regard. There has been no announcement of the extent of the geotechnical damage and potential ramifications and implications for the area.

Despite their prolific contribution to the agricultural economy and the human resource base of this country, because Gertrine and Saltibus are hinterland communities, they are relegated to as insignificant “country” or “gwan bois” settlements.

The Powerhouse crew took a tour deep into the remote areas of Gertrine to obtain footage on the magnitude of the geotechnical damage which happened during the passage of Tomas. 

Although the community had a close shave with death, thankfully it was spared the worse and there was no reported or known loss of life.

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  1. To date the district rep has done nothing about this area, and we all know about his special interest in Getrine. Is it more meaningful to attempt to score cheap political points with the young people by building a stand er stadium, than to do something that would bring material benefits to the lives of the people living in these areas. There has been a land slippage for years behind the bar by the bridge, what has he done?Bousquet is one uncaring sob.