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Friday, January 21, 2011


For the enlightenment of the POWERHOUSE diaspora, I am reproducing an article on the Bousquet Blog presenting his achievements. I regret the grammar and spelling but there's nothing I can do about it. An honourable Government minister who holds the the important Foriegn Affairs Portfolio should ensure that whatever comes out in his name should be properly vetted for quality. Should he disassociate himself with that presentation? Here is the post:

And I quote:

"Without a shadow of a doubt Bousquet continues to change the landscape of Choiseul/Saltibus, which is the constituency he represents. This he did through major road projects, drainage works, footpaths,driveways, bus shelters to name a few. This was no easy feat, taking into consideration the magnitude of work he has to take care of at his Ministry including the foreign visits. But this Rep is a no nonsense man, who , according to a flyer of his is "Committed to developing Choiseul's fullest social and economic potential."

The Boisden Road project  to my mind stands out among the rest. It was heart wrenching to experience the hardship the residents of Boisden had to endure,  using this two or more kilometres of some resemblance of a road over the years.  Mini buses refused to ply this route. Again the man of vision saw the neccessity to give these people a proper  paved road. Everybody are happy and express their gratitude to Rufus in no uncertain terms.

    Another commuity road was constructed in Morne Jacques and again, the residents don't walk in mud anymore. Persons leaving their homes had to have two pairs of shoes - one to wade the mud  until they arrive at the main road and the other to dress up to get to work or wherever their destination.
  The people of Derriere Morne are fortunate to have the longest footath to have been constructed in Choiseul. This one is a monster of a project. Is that to fool the people as one critic puts it? Some persons live in the glory of their environment and don't see the need for other persons to elevate to a higher standard of living. This is Bousquet's vision - selfnessless and committment to Choiseulians to have a better life.

The Morne Sion drive-way, again illustrates Bousquet's committment to improving the standard of living in the communities. This project have brought widespread relief to the people, and for that they are proud of Rufus."

End of Quote

Because the Bousquet Website/Blog uses a "strong hand of repression" against Choiseulians who wish to share comments on his posts, the Powerhouse is extending that opportunity to all and sundry who have been so victimised  to publish their comments right here so that we can get a sense of your satisfaction with his achievements.


  1. Sir, isn't Saltibus part of the constituency? I did see any achievements for Saltibus, Gertrine, Piaye, Daban, GuyBois etc. Whay kind of representation is that? It seems that it is Delcer, Morne Sion and Morne Jacques that got something. Bousquet should be ashamed to publish that nonsense and bluff in the name achievements.

  2. First of all, Mr Bousquet! watch your spelling and grammar when you write on the world wide web. But I understand all of this is representative of what's taking place in your camp! Nothing good. Even you writing is circumscribed by a ring of criminal behaviour. How can you have the guts to portray a criminal as an achiever? The Powerhouse will blow the illusions you claim to be achievements. Check us out shortly.

    By the way, because I know that you will not publish my comment (which is stupid on your part), I will publish it on the Powerhouse.

    Have a good day!"

  3. Mr Bousquet has a Californian Federal accent and we all know where he learnt it; he learned it by mixing with the inmates at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In fact, he did indicate to me when were friends that he had a library of tapes on Bobby Seal, George Jackson and rest of the Soledad Brothers which he had thoroughly mastered. He still has them at his house. In addition to that, he spent a lot of time learning the art of speech.Unfortunately, that's all he has. he is all illusion.

  4. It's a fact. He is not good at writing

  5. Did you hear Tucker on the HTS News asking people to go on a "political diet" suggesting that there is too much politics in the place? What about a corruption diet fro him?

    In any case,you hear world leaders seeking "political solutions" to problems? He is foreign minister and he does not even under the problem-solving capabilities of politics. Does he also understand that politics is the essence of democracy?

    you see, a corrupt mind will say anything to bluff.

  6. Concerned Choiseulian CitizenJanuary 22, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    Have you all heard of the current Tucker poll taking place in the Choiseul area? TA previous poll suggested that they would win 5b seats. The last poll suggested they would win only 2.

    They are hoping to reverse their fortunes with Strategic Communications Lab; but they stick in that. The longer they stay, the more blows they get. You can't bluff hungry bellies when they see and they know that only one set of Hacks getting everything!

    You can fool some people sometime; but you can't fool all the people all the time. tell Tucker I say "sortee la"