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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


May he Rest in Peace

Mr MAURUS FAUCHER popularly known as “Fauch” was born in Choiseul Village 67 years ago. He was one of 7 sons of his mother, Mrs Fedora Emmanuel who moved to live in Antigua while he was still a young man. (He was brother to Eldridge Thomas – a teacher of the Soufriere Comprehensive School - who passed on a couple of years ago.)

“Fauch” attended the Choiseul Boys School and upon graduating he worked with the Public Works Department (now the Ministry of Communications, Work, Transport & Public Utilities). He then moved on to work with Geest prior to joining the Royal St. Lucia Police Force where he worked for a number of years.

His success and versatility as salesman and manager manifested themselves when he moved to work with “LINMORE” in Vieux Fort and Harcel Investments in La Fargue. There, he proved himself to be not only a fine salesman; but also an excellent manager.

His final job was with Jalousie Resort where he worked as Transportation manager. It was while working there that he became ill and retired from work.

Although he was an amputee, he never gave up. He served on the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities in the capacity of PRO. He was also a member of the Mongouge Club60.

Video Clip of Fauch at Lorne Launching
Fauch was a fearless, frank, dynamic and articulate speaker who always called a spade, a spade. He has left a legacy of clichés and idioms for the “many of us” who interfaced with him.He was a major speaker at Lorne's Launching a couple of weeks ago.

Fauch, delivering an address at Lorne's Launching!
Fauch was also a regular listener and caller to all the TalkShows and was not afraid to share with us on the “Talkshow circuit”, the many things that life had taught him.

Mr Faucher suddenly departed this life on Sunday, August 21 at about 11.25 pm. He leaves to mourn his wife (Corolla Faucher), one son (John Jonas) and two daughters (Kervina and Tricia Faucher), as well as many other relatives and friends from his native village of Choiseul, the community of Mongouge, Antigua and the USA.

May Fauch rest in Peace!

A special Church Service to celebrate the life and work of Mr Faucher will be held at  the Lady of Lourdes Church, Choiseul on Saturday, August 27 from 1 PM. The cortege will thereafter proceed to the Choiseul Cemetery where his body will be laid to rest.

All friends and well-wishers are asked to take note.


  1. Fauch, We love you! We miss you so much. All the best on your journey to heaven.

  2. May he Rest In Peace. My condoloences to his family and friends. I will miss our political chats.

  3. I was by Mr Faucher last night to pay by respects. It was reassuring to see Mr Leo Clarke there, paying his respects, too. He was - of course - a very good friend of Mr Faucher and they shared many fine intellectual moments together.

    Mr Clarke has a strong bonds with Choiseul dating back to the early 70s. He was actually the opening batsman for the HILLS Sports Club and opened the batting with BOLO.

    I must applaud you, Clarkey for your sustained involvement in community activities and also your unyielding support for us in critical times.