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Monday, August 15, 2011


We have been reliably informed by sources close to Tucker that his youngest baby was born towards the end of July; and she is a beautiful baby girl.  Our source also told us that she is the eleventh girl (unconfirmed) and it looks like Tucker is incapable of producing men. 

We have also been reliably informed that there was a fair gathering at the baby's home last evening in Saltibus/Gertrine including some members of the Tuckers campaign clan to "see the child".  

The POWERHOUSE has learnt that Tucker sent his “baby mother” to Vieux Fort to conceal her identity from his campaigning party and that when the young girl found out this was the ploy, she was furious.

The neighbours found Tucker’s behavior both puzzling and insulting to the child and mother and they too are furious. Why would Tucker do this to the young girl? Why he does not want “his people” to know her?

Tucker knows about his health issues and it is time that he comes clean with his constituents. It is high time that he treats the young girls in the constituency with respect and dignity, and begins to set examples for the youth!  The bar needs to be raised in politics; and so should the caliber of person running for the post. 

Suffice it to say,  we wish the baby the very best of everything!


  1. Oh yo, Boss-man, forgive me since I'd been away from the blog a few days now. I never realized that you had been bringing out so much of the truth. Right on! I didn't read all the articles that I missed.

    I figured that you knew about Rick's malicious activities and Rufus' recent developments. I don't understand why you took so long to bring it to the fore. Anyways, thanks that its finally here. Bravo to Kenny as well.

    I can'tcomment much now but I will be back.

    One thing that troubles my mind though: which does Tucker love more - his wife or the others? You know Mrs Bousquet is really getting a raw deal. I mean a man goes out sticking his BEE-LING-BANG into whatever, wherever, however/unprotected and then, like a toilet just go and dump your s_ _t.

    Sa pas Bon!.

    At the same time the young victims crying out and you try to further infect them with your multiple identity syndrome.

    BTW, Tee Mamai sa la seh ish Papai choiii!

  2. Please refrain from parading the innocent baby on your blog. She didn't chose her father, so let's stick to Tucker without involving the baby.

  3. Anonymous, I totally agree with you. The child is innocent and nobody should attack an innocent child. To be fair, the PowerHouse didnot attack the child; on the contrary, it wished the child all the best.

    It's unfortunate that this young girl had to get herself entangled with the 5-headed monster, who has a history of running away from his responsibilities as a father. He never cared for any of his girls. Is that right? He goes out to have a good time with the girls and he dumps them. If he knows he is infected, he shouldn't be frequenting the girls and having unprotected sex with them. That's destroying the constituency; not building it! He should be charged and jailed for genocide!

  4. Be more precise; It's the genocide of the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency. It is similar to the Hitler's holocaust of the Jews. Don't we have laws in St. Lucia to prevent that genocide?

    Are the young girls aware of the new "Pabelle" in our midst?

  5. We Really Need To Focus On Getting On Community On The Map And building A Foundation For The Youth Like Me Growing Up In On Community, Instead Of Slandering Peoples Names "WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE". As A Young Person Growing In Choiseul, Being A 1st Time Voter, This Is Really Degrading To Me. Some Of Us Have Lots Of Skeletons In our Closet And Frankly I'm Not Interest In How Many Children Rufus Has,How Many Times He Went To Prisons,How Many Young Girls He Sleeps With Being A Young Woman Myself And Never Knew Choiseul Had A DNA LAB. Last Time I Check This Website Was Suppose To Keep Those People Abroad Up To Date As To What's Going On In The Community Of Choiseul.Being A Supporter Of Lorne Theophilus And Someone Near To Him I Would Really Appreciate If We Thought Outside The Box Tell Us Young People What Are The Plans For The youth,What Programs And Facilities Which Would Be Put In Place To Better Educate Us And Alleviate Our Unemployment Crisis In Choiseul Too Many Of Our Youth Roam The Streets And The Little That Do Something Move Out The Community We The Harsh Reality Hits Them. We Need To Get Out Of Small Minded Mentality. It's One Of The Reasons Why We Never Move Forward.Have You Guys Ever Notice Anything Started In Choiseul Never Last That Long ,Starts With A Big Bang And Then Dies Out I Wonder WHY??????