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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hon Dalson on his way to Fond St. Jacques

Hon Harold Dalson is now in Fond St. Jacques to investigate first hand any damage that Emily might have caused to this unfortunate community. He is accompanied by a group of community workers basic road-clearing equipment to assist him in clearing the roadways should that become necessary.
Hon Harold Dalson

Reports reaching the PowerHouse indicate that the portion of Soufriere Road in the vicinity of the Ladera Resort is impassable as a result of a landslide and other debris on the road. Traffic is currently being diverted through Fond Jacques. We are not in a position to comment on the magnitude of the Ladera slide but we will keep you posted as more information comes in.

Meanwhile, the levels of the rivers in Choiseul are high; and some of them may have overflowed their banks during the course of the morning. So, Choiseulians who have to cross those rivers are advised to proceed with much caution.

The Village River

Trou Barbay

Trou Barbay

The Trou Marc River

The Sabwisha "River"

Here is the latest update by Alex Sosnowski, 
AccuWeather's Expert Senior Meteorologist. The update was issued on Aug 2, 2011at 8:15 AM ET.

Threat to the Antilles
Emily, even at this level or a weaker state, brings threats to lives and property.

As it interacts with the islands of the Lesser Antilles, it will unleash localized torrential rain, which will lead to areas of flash flooding, mudslides and road washouts.

A couple of inches of rain could fall in less than an hour's time under some of the intense downpours the tropical system produces.

Downpours from mere tropical waves so far this season have caused problems with flooding in the Lesser Antilles, including the failure of a dam on Dominica.

Torrential rainfall is a possibility from the tropical storm through the Windward and Leeward islands. By the time the system reaches the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, it could be packing a one-two punch with heavy rain and strong winds.

Indeed a hurricane making the northward cut through the area from Puerto Rico to Hispaniola could have serious consequences from flooding and damaging winds.

1 comment:

  1. Soufriere Ranger fired by Chastanet!August 2, 2011 at 11:00 AM

    Kudos to Hon. Harold Dalson who is out in this inclement weather working with the people. Despite his numerous calls to Government, asking for attention to be given where Soufriere's situation is concerned, he continues to exercise patience and patriotism by working with his people through the good & bad times.

    I call on Herod & Nigel to get Allen Chastanet out of his luxury and bring him to help Dalson & crew. Well, we all know that they know that he is not in Soufriere & will not expose himself to the dangers that Soufriere people face. Mister too Big for that.

    Imagine a very wealthy Minister of tourism telling Soufriere people that he can only do something for them if he is elected. Rubbish! Now that you are in power you let an MP in opposition outshine you with very limited resources. Wow, Mose what a giant of a man you are.

    Now here's what will happen:
    1. He will be out distributing water & other cheap supplies after the Storm.
    2. He will praise his Government because the river didn't overflow its banks.
    3. Herod & Nigel will be given a few bucks to go around and try to have folks from Soufriere forget how they felt this morning, by getting them drunk.
    4. He will be around in his shorts & sandals pretending to be "down to earth", whereas he is no where around this morning.
    5. He will have his poodle send heavy equipment and make it look like they're doing so much (after the fact) but still not moving the eyesore on bridge street.